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Feb 21, 2020

Jeeves 5 Heated Towel Rails we’re loving this Valentine’s Month

 Ah, the month of love:  the time of roses, soft lights and candles. We at Jeeves are complete suckers for the whole experience – and not just because all this warmth brings to mind the heavenly toasted bliss of a heated towel rail!

But while we just happen to be on the subject …. And as it’s the month of sharing – we invite you a little closer to see just what’s got our hearts beating a little faster this February.

  1. Tangent W

Designed to draw attention to its unique curved double bars, this handcrafted design has a swivel solution, increasing your ease of access from either side of the room, giving you the object of your desire:  deliciously dry towels.  Combining sophistication with artistic flair, this heated towel rail brings the essence of luxury with a sense of the aesthetic to your bathroom experience.

  1. Tangent M


Who can say no to a spa-themed bathroom?  From the serenity of gentle music and soft light to the pampering of big fluffy heavenly heated towels, this is a relaxation zone where you get to unwind, drifting off into your private world of tranquillity for a perfect Valentine’s Day experience.

With a horizontal bar, perfect for crisp rolled up fresh, white towels, the Tangent M is an ideal way to create a spa setting.  Add to this the gentle extension of a smooth vertical rail and you have the ideal place to warm up a fluffy towel to crown your relaxation.


  1. Quadro 6

Jeeves Quadro

The simplicity of this heated towel rail is reminiscent of the ethos behind Pablo Picasso’s single line technique, capturing the essence of its subject.  Jeeves reinterprets this style with the Quadro 6.  Here the essence of the heated towel rail is enhanced by the contemporary geometric frame, highlighting the inner rounded horizontal bars, bringing a modern edge to your bathroom pampering with dry towels warmed up to perfection.

  1. Classic H

Jeeves Classic

Because we’re romantics at heart, we just had to include the Classic H in our top Valentine’s Day list.  While its compact design transforms a small bathroom space into a haven of pampering, this chic heated towel rail works beautifully as a pair – bringing both you and your partner a touch of indulgence to your bathroom time.

Available in a dazzling choice of finishes, the classic H ushers in a distinctive charm, bringing a new level of indulgence to your bathroom pampering.

  1. Spartan Boxx

If you’ve ever wanted to introduce the feel of a spectacular art gallery to your bathroom, where the focal point is an exquisitely framed heated towel rail – then the Spartan Boxx is just for you.  Creating a minimalist effect, the horizontal bars are enclosed in a rectangular frame, echoing the feel of togetherness and harmony associated with this month of love.

Jeeves Spartan

Wrapping up

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for that someone special or giving yourself a special treat, these heated towel rails spell ‘L O V E’ for Valentine’s month. And best of all, their beauty extends to their promise of a continued loving touch of luxury and indulgence throughout the year, so that you get to fall in love with your bathroom experience over and over again.

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