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Bathrooms Jul 29, 2023

Italtile Launches New Affirmations Easel Glow Dresser LED Mirror

Italtile reimagines the traditional freestanding Cheval floor mirror and launches the new Affirmations Easel Glow Dresser LED mirror.

The ‘Cheval’ mirror was originally invented for Marie Antoinette to view herself in all her finery at Versailles in France during the late 18th century. Called ‘Cheval’, (meaning ‘horse’ in French, after the four supporting legs), this iconic standing mirror began life as a relatively small tilting design due to the constraints of mirror glass production at the time.

By the 19th century, larger plates of glass were being cast, and the ‘Cheval’ became taller and larger. Today, you’ll find a number of beautiful ‘Cheval’ or ‘Easel’ designs on offer, but none as future-facing as the 1600 x 600 Affirmations Easel Glow Dresser LED Mirror; Italtile’s newest and arguably most fascinating mirror.

An ultra-modern twist on a traditional shape, the mirror is manufactured locally with UK-made Pilkington Optimirror – a Euro Premium Grade Mirror renowned for its superb reflective quality, manufactured to exceed all standard durability tests for the European Standard EN 1036.


The Affirmations Easel Glow Dresser LED Mirror offers not only crystal clarity, but also the benefit of forward projecting LED lighting, to further enhance the reflection. The dimmable LED lights incorporated into the mirror are cool white, operated by a hand sensor. No better or more beautiful way to get the full picture!

Optimirror has been developed to offer excellent levels of protection to the reflective silver layer without the need for copper and lead used in conventional mirror manufacture. (Lead-free top coat and less than 0.5% lead in the wet basecoat.)

It is also manufactured to resist natural atmospheric corrosion. This higher corrosion resistance also means better levels of protection against chemical action from cleaners and adhesives than you’d get from conventional copper mirrors.

All Pilkington glass is environmentally friendly, created with less waste during manufacture. The process also ensures an efficient end of life stage with easier onward recycling. This makes the Affirmations Easel Glow Dresser LED mirror an eco-chic choice. As an Italtile exclusive, it will carry Italtile’s LiveGreen logo.

For more visit Italtile.

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