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Dec 12, 2019

Invest in your home with DADO Africa. Your bathroom deserves it.

The year 2019 has been a kaleidoscope of creativity, depth and otherness in the world of design and décor. Homes have gone from being our canvases to becoming our perfect sanctuary. Trends have become personal, allowing us to explore and give deeper thought to all elements and features. Finishings and their variations are a trend that has taken off and given a different dimension to the furnishings of a bathroom. The balance provided by DADOquartz bathtubs and basins, in their serene pearl or polished finish, is a statement and a home investment.

With the promise of a lifetime guarantee, DADOquartz prides itself as the only South African manufacturer of quartz stone bathtubs and basins. Made from the African soil means that the bathtub and basin can proudly withstand the African climate. With a product that is solid through and through, DADOquartz bathtubs and basins are 100% UV resistant, non-porous and easy to clean. Whether you’re looking to install an outdoor bathtub or a premium master bathroom bathing experience, these flawless arrangements are not just the beautiful centrepieces to your bathroom, DADOquartz products promise to remain beautiful and pristine for a 25 year-long lifetime.

Seng hei, an age-old Chinese belief that all good things come in twos, is a bathroom rule DADOquartz firmly believes in and practices when helping you design your space. Each DADOquartz bathtub is paired with two matching freestanding basins to effectively balance out décor elements and bring a wholeness to your bathroom space.

Your bathroom is not complete without beautiful and complementary mixers which suit the shapes of your bathtubs and basins. The DADO Aqualine range of sleek and chic chrome freestanding bath mixers and top-mounted basin mixers, in a square or rounded design, are the essential enhancement that your bathroom deserves. With a sound commitment of quality and refinement, DADO Aqualine’s 15-year warranty is a promise you can trust.

Visit DADO Africa’s website on to view the full range of DADOquartz freestanding basins and how they match perfectly to the DADOquartz freestanding bathtub of your choice. Invest in your home because DADO Africa invests in a lifetime with you.

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