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Bathrooms Feb 18, 2021

Insider Tips & Tricks From The Trendy Taps Team

What’s trending in the world of sanitaryware and taps? Well, we asked the friendly team from Trendy Taps to share some advice and inspiring examples to help us choose the right tapware for the bathroom and kitchen.

Here’s what they had to say…

How does one choose the best statement tap to transform a bathroom or kitchen?

To make a statement with your taps and accessories, I feel they need to have a contrasting POP! Golds and Brass pop against darker cabinetry… think gold against a moss green background.

How do you go about choosing the right tap for your space?

Function and proportion are the basic principles you can’t ignore. Don’t hide your sanitaryware behind basins where you can’t reach them. The mounting of your tap is just as important as the tap itself!
Don’t try and make everything too matchy-matchy. Contrasts create visual interest.

In your opinion do taps really transform a bathroom or kitchen design?

ABSOLUTELY! I cannot stress enough how much the correct colour mixer and accessories can bring a look together.

What styles are popular at the moment?

We can definitely see the overseas markets moving towards a more minimal look. Curved lines and matte finishes giving a clean, functional look and feel.

Shapes in taps have almost become a focal point (sculptural). What are some of the styles and looks we’ll be seeing this year?

Modern sleek lines are definitely not going out of style anytime soon. Wall-mounted fittings are becoming more and more popular as it gives a seamless uncluttered look.

What is the most popular finish to look out for 2021 in taps?

Brushed gold is taking over! No fingerprints to keep polishing off and just enough colour without being gaudy! What girl doesn’t love gold..right? Gold and brushed gold are definitely replacing copper in a big way.

Is black and copper still good choices?

Black is timeless and clean and we won’t see black going out anytime soon! It’s here to stay! However, copper is moving out but can still be beautiful and modern in the right setting.

When it comes to materials, are stainless steel and chrome still on trend?

For a long time blackened brass, brass and golds were unobtainable and unaffordable. Not to say stainless steel and brass don’t have a place in the market but people are focusing on adding value and a bespoke look and feel to their projects. The small finishes make all the difference these days!

Does size matter?

Very much! Bigger is not always better and you need to consider the size of your basins when choosing a mixer to compliment it.

Is it easy to change a tap?

Easier than you think! Deck mounted taps are very basic and not at all complicated to install. Wall-mounted taps are slightly trickier.

What are the top picks in your collection?

I’m loving the seamless look so we’ve ordered them in every colour.

Be inspired and check out the latest collections at Trendy Taps.

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