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Bathrooms May 12, 2024

House of Rohl has unveiled Cravings

Offering a true taste of things to come, luxury bathroom purveyor House of Rohl has unveiled Cravings – a new selection of unique colour palettes inspired by a three-course tasting menu carefully curated by Food & Wine.

“Many hues take their cue from culinary tastes: lemon yellows, dark chocolate, the red of raspberries and the tawny richness of wine and brandy. The Victoria + Albert bath palette takes the essence of these taste-full tones and heightens them with light and softness, depth and dimension, to easily translate into a menu of irresistible shades,” explains House of Rohl, a local stockist of the iconic English brand.

Akin to a first course, the ‘Awaken the Palette’ scheme serves as “an overture: the announcement of more to come, yet able to stand alone to touch the senses”.

“The flavourful colours of bright oranges and lively yellows, fresh garden greens and olive shades, soft creams, rosé and ruby-red wines reflect the beginning of something delectable. This is a palette enhanced by sunshine, vibrant and airy, balanced by neutral splashes of colour to bring a luminous hue to any space,” continues House of Rohl.

As a main course, “‘Satisfy & Surprise the Senses’ dips deeper into full-bodied shades, the distinctive notes of cabernet, the verdant freshness of leafy greens, the glow of honey and rustic orange, and the smoothness of cream. Just as the right flavours elevate and satiate the palate, the perfect palette provides inspiration to enhance design and décor”.

Ending on a sweet note, ‘Indulge in Cravings” offers a gorgeous selection of rich colours. “Chocolate, raspberry, pistachio, cream, blueberry, brandy, coffee, toffee, caramel – even the names of many desserts and after-dinner drinks are the same as the most luscious hues and tones. Our final palette ranges from dark and rich to sweet pastels—tempting shades that give a home a delectable appeal,” says House of Rohl.

In addition to the colour options, customers can also choose between two finishes: matte or glossy. The colour palettes and finishes can be applied to Victoria + Albert’s range of freestanding bathtubs and sinks.

Contact: Victoria + Albert.

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