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Hot, happening, heated towel rails for the winter bathroom

While frosted, dark early mornings permeate our days with a decided chill, there is something inspiring about the stark, austere cold of winter. This is especially true when it comes to luxuriating in a cozy bathroom, restoring heavenly warmth and leaving you feeling pampered.  It is here where the heated towel rail comes into its own, uplifting the bathroom experience through its soothing summer-like heat.

We take a look at our 5 top hot, happening heated towel rails for the winter bathroom.


  1. Tangent E

Combining the luxury of a sophisticated aesthetic appeal with the indulgence of convenience, the trendy Tangent E brings the convenience of mobility, supplying you with the experience of a delightfully, soft, warm up towel in the room of your choice.

While keeping the winter chills at bay, the Tangent E presents a fascinating display created by an interplay of asymmetrical groups of bars which culminate in a breath-taking unified whole.  The result is a heated towel rail with a commitment to top craftsmanship, bringing a distinctive serene aura which graces the room, rounding off your bathroom indulgence with the soft sensation of a warm, enveloping towel.

2. Spartan Nine

Tall and slender, the Spartan Nine is perfect for invigorating the bathroom, leaving your cares and the winter cold on the outside.  Whether you’re working with a smaller bathroom or wanting to maximise an open space in a larger area, the Spartan Nine creates an arresting focal point, courtesy of its captivating design. 

With a statuesque appearance, this trendy design has a refreshing take on the heated towel rail, evoking the simplicity of a minimalist aesthetic harmonised with a majestic edge. The 9 evenly spaced bars gives the Spartan Nine an expansive feel, while supplying heavenly heated towels to elevate your bathroom enjoyment into the realm of pampered bliss.

3. Colour

Colour impacts on our mood, emotions and experience of our surroundings.  This means that you can leverage different shades to create an effect that adds to your experience of the bathroom as a cozy sanctuary with the best of creature comforts. And while Jeeves leaves you spoilt for choice in this department – the heated towel rail leaders have two stand-out colours when it comes to adding vibrant warmth to your winter bathroom:  antique rose gold and pearl gold.

Inspired by nature, these rich tones add character to the bathroom space.  Reminiscent of the luminous, warm summer sun, the pearl gold brings a bright, warm glow to the room, uplifting your mood in the process. 

And if you are wanting to impact the bathroom with a touch of luxury and sophistication, then look no further than the sunset-inspired antique rose gold finish. Carry this colour through the room using various accessories such as a beautiful oriental rug, hand towels or flowers, and you create an inviting retreat that you’ll never want to leave.



4. Quadro P

Consisting of 4 tubular horizontal bars repeated in three separate groups juxtaposed with a geometrically shaped frame imbues the Quadro P with a distinctive contemporary appeal.  This striking interplay of inner round horizontal bars against an angular of the frame, the cumulative result of this striking design is a yin-yang effect.

Jeeves Quadro P_Polished_Lifestyle

This is echoed in the relationship of the frame and inner bars, respectively – where the two shapes are synthesised as a harmonious interaction.  It is here where the complementary energies of yin and yang are inextricably interwoven into a single seamless whole, permeating the room with a sense of completion, culminating in a breath-taking display that unites form and function.


5. Classic C

This heated towel rail provides a contemporary interpretation of classic symmetry, presenting an arresting visual impact which draws attention to its striking silhouette.  Consisting of  2 symmetrical groups of 4 horizontal bars, asymmetrically contrasted with a third group of 5 horizontal bars, imbues the design with a versatility which makes the Classic C equally at home in a classically themed bathroom or a more contemporary inspired environment.

Classic C

 Additionally, the strategic grouping of the horizontal bars provides a supply of optimally warmed up towels, together with the promise of helping you to forget about the fact that summer seems a lifetime away.

 Finishing touches

If you think these Jeeves creations are enticing, we’ll let you into a secret – they’re just a tip of an (unusually warm) iceberg!  And while the temperatures may continue to drop, with Jeeves, you’re guaranteed to increase the heat a notch or two. We’re determined to keep the frost out of your world and delightful pampering on the inside. With our head turning designs and the promise of deliciously toasty towels, you are guaranteed to be in for a treat with our hot, happening heated towel rails for your winter bathroom.

Jeeves Tangent L Heated Ladder Rail Antique Rose Gold


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