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Bathrooms Jul 29, 2020

Hansgrohe Presents a Bath with a Difference! Meet the sBox

Hansgrohe presents a bath with a difference! Meet the sBox.

There’s more to getting into a hot bath than just the warm water on the surface. The bath is a place where we can shed our daily responsibilities and immerse ourselves – in a very literal sense – in the healing water. It is where we let go of the outside world for a few moments and recharge in our own quiet company.

Hansgrohe’s sBox® tub is a striking innovation that takes the comfort of the bath to a new level. And it’s safe and good looking, too. The sBox® tub is a luxurious and stylish bath mixer that perfectly melds hansgrohe’s trademark German precision with unmistakeably gorgeous design.

Escutcheon design – for practicality and elegance

The sBox® is made extra special by its unique – and extremely practical – escutcheon design, with two escutcheon variations to choose from. The escutcheon engineering allows you to store the hose in a box built into the tub when it’s not being used, making way for a minimalist aesthetic that’s always easy on the eye.

Discover more reach

Despite the fact that the hose can be neatly tucked away, it is still 50% longer, giving you reach and flexibility like never before. The extra reach is great for those days when the dog needs a bath or you need to get to that hard-to-reach spot on your back.

Add the hand shower, which is sold separately, to enhance the overall appeal even more. Being universally compatible, the sBox®is a good fit for most bathrooms, and its minimal space requirements make it perfectly suited where space is limited.

Maintenance? What maintenance?

There’s no mess and no fuss once you’ve installed the sBox®. It’s designed to be extremely low maintenance and hassle-free. Once you’ve brought it into your life, you’ll find that Hansgrohe’s sBox® gives a lot of joy but needs little care.

Caring for you, however, as you unwind and leave your cares behind in that hot, comfortable bath, is something that the sBox® will do in droves. Find your peaceful bath time oasis in one beautifully designed package. It’s all there in the escutcheon elegance and compact luxury of Hansgrohe’s sBox® tub.

To find out more about Hansgrohe’s products and technology, visit www.hansgrohe.co.za.


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