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Bathrooms Mar 22, 2022

Hansgrohe: Make A Difference On World Water Day

Rediscover your love of water and help save the planet! 22 March is World Water Day, which is all about the love of water. Our most valuable natural resource is the source of all life on Earth. Conserving it is essential to our survival and the preservation of fragile ecosystems all over the world. For the last 120 years, hansgrohe has been innovating water-smart taps and showers to help conserve water, but conservation begins at home.

Water is a work of art

Recently, hansgrohe’s #CreateasYouAre campaign brought the love of water to life. It enlisted loyal architects who have supported hansgrohe’s conservation mindset by recommending EcoSmart technology to their clients.

Each architect was provided with a blank canvas. They needed to commit their own love of water to paper, using any visuals they felt inspired to create. 49 participating architects each sent in exquisitely crafted designs. The canvases are currently on display at the hansgrohe showroom.

The images serve as a reminder that there is more to water than what we see on the surface. Beneath the waves and droplets are the keys to life itself. It falls to us to protect it. Do you know how many litres per minute your tap or showerhead is using, and are you aware of how much water and energy you can save using products that are designed with water saving in mind?

According to reports, the average South African uses around 237 litres of water per-person, per-day.This  is considerably higher than the global average of 173 litres per-person, per-day. Yet, unlike many other countries, South Africa is in the middle of both a water and energy crisis, with strained supply on both. Cutting down on water usage in your home can make a difference. This can help impact water conservation, energy consumption and the cost of running your home.

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Why using water-saving products is smarter

Water-saving technology is the first step in establishing more responsible water and energy usage in your home. hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology, for example, requires up to 60% less water than conventional products. This also means that a high percentage of the tap water you use doesn’t need to be heated. Subsequently, this leads to a considerable cost saving on energy costs.

How much does your household actually use?

If you are serious about saving water and giving back to the planet, consider using the hansgrohe water saving calculator. This will give you a clearer picture of exactly how much water and energy you can save by switching to environmentally responsible EcoSmart showers or taps.

Here are a few practical reasons to consider rethinking your fittings:

  • With EcoSmart products, water consumption is reduced to 9 l/ per-minute on overhead and hand showers.
  • hansgrohe taps require only 5 litres of water per-minute as standard.
  • Decreased hot water consumption reduces energy consumption and costs.
  • Reduced energy consumption means a reduced carbon footprint, due to lower CO2 emissions.
  • Despite reduced consumption, EcoSmart showers and taps still maintain a constant flow rate, even at different water pressures, with a full, bubbling jet of water thanks to enrichment with air.

With the hansgrohe water saving calculator, you can find out quickly and easily where you can make an impact on South Africa’s water and energy crisis, just by making smart choices in your home. And as an added bonus, the calculator also shows you the number of trees that could be watered with the water you saved.

Water is more than just a resource. It is the source of all life on Earth as we know it. As Leonardo Da Vinci said, Water is the driving force of all nature” and as part of the global ecosystem, every one of us can make a difference – purely for the love of water.

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water.

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