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Bathrooms Nov 11, 2020

Hansgrohe: Give The Gift That Stands The Test of Time

Hansgrohe and AXOR make a lasting impression this festive season.

The festive season is approaching fast, and if you’re at a loose end about how to make that gifting decision for the important person in your life, hansgrohe and AXOR’s trademark luxury and avant-garde designs may be the perfect solution. Conceived by the world’s most respected designers, hansgrohe and AXOR bathroom and kitchen fittings and accessories are an antidote to the norm that elevates the level of indulgence in your home – the perfect lasting gift.

AXOR 250 overhead showerhead with PowderRain

There is more to showering than just daily routine. It’s a time when we’re alone with our thoughts and wash off the cares of our day. The AXOR 250 overhead showerhead is a luxurious alternative to your average shower. It is available with either one jet or two jets that can switch from a silent, soft, voluminous spray to a silent, concentrated harder spray for those tired sore muscles. The hansgrohe PowderRain feature creates a water experience like none other, that is relaxing and gentle thanks to the microfine drops enveloping your body.

AXOR MyEdition

For water the way you like it, gratify your uniqueness with a whole new direction of custom design. AXOR MyEdition is striking in its every flawless curve and undulating plane. AXOR MyEdition is the first mixer featuring hansgrohe’s PowderRain technology. PowderRain creates a heavenly water experience that comes with QuickClean technology – for easy cleaning – and a flow rate of only five litres per minute for pure sustainability and energy efficiency. The most unique feature of this range is the customisable mounting plate. There are over 225 possibilities, from classic to avant-garde and anywhere in-between: from marble to leather and glass to granite. You can even custom-make your own.

Talis Select

This artfully minimalist mixer brings elegant discretion to the most important room in your home, without compromising on functionality. Used widely in interior design concepts that embrace the kitchen as a living space rather than a just a work area, simplicity and function come together in seamless design. With the hansgrohe Talis Select kitchen mixer, you can control the water at the touch of a button. The Select button puts convenience first, allowing you to turn the mixers on and off with barely a touch and within an instant. Use your fingers, the back of your hand, your forearm or elbow. What makes the Talis Select range extra special is hansgrohe’s innovative EcoSmart technology that is cutting energy costs and saving water, one tap at a time.

hansgrohe delivers a truly extraordinary shower experience with Rainfinity


hansgrohe’s Rainfinity is unmistakeably tailored, featuring an innovative spray surface that curves inwards ever-so slightly, preventing the water jet from crashing down onto your head and shoulders. Instead, Rainfinity gently envelopes your body in a comforting cocoon of a thousand droplets. Rainfinity is your gateway to complete relaxation – a shower head that sets a new standard in modern bathroom functionality. Set your Rainfinity main shower head at any angle between 10° and 30°, with its adjustable wall mounting to perfectly fit your height or your mood.

Rainfinity has four spray types to choose from, so you can customise your shower experience completely. The PowderRain option provides a quiet, gentle spray. Intense PowderRain adds a touch more pressure, and Rainstream shoots out a generous stream of soft jets. Monorain is a focused jet for a soothing, feel-good shower after a long day.

This festive season, give the gift that will stand the test of time, serving as a daily reminder of how much you care. AXOR and hansgrohe add lasting value to your life through inimitable design and a user experience second to none.

Hansgrohe – sustainable by design!

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