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Bathrooms Oct 23, 2020

Grohe Technology Enhances The Shower Experience

When it comes to the act of showering, there are two kinds of people. The first being those who see it as a functional necessity and thus go through the motions of it. Then there are those who see it as a tranquil escape that revitalizes the body and will do anything for an extra minute in that steamy haven.

No matter the type, showering has become habitual, something that forms part of our daily routine and one thing is for certain, the shower experience needs to be well-balanced, with an invigorating flow of water. And nothing spoils a shower like low-pressure and uneven water distribution. Water distribution is mainly affected by water pressure and enhanced by the type of showerhead installed.

GROHE prides itself in crafting the finest showers and showerhead range to improve the showering experience with their signature DreamSpray™ technology at the heart of every shower. DreamSpray provides advanced shower engines inside the shower head that deliver precision and constant water distribution to each individual nozzle. GROHE’s modern showerheads are not only aesthetically appealing but functional too, delivering water in a plethora of ways whether full sprays, jet sprays, waterfall simulations, rain-showers, mist, massage options and even a combination of all the above to enhance the overall shower experience. With products ranging from the classic Rainshower, to the family friendly Tempesta, the architectural defiant Sena and contemporary Euphoria, there is a shower for everyone.

Here are a few ways of achieving the ultimate shower experience:

1. Over time, shower heads get clogged up due to a build-up of minerals, this is most common reason for poor pressure and uneven water distribution. A quick clean of the inside of the showerhead can turn a water dribble into jet hose. GROHE makes this a breeze with their SpeedClean™ nozzle, which consists of anti-limescale nozzles. This allows for a quick and easy wipe of the nozzle using one’s hand to prevent built-up of limescale.

2. Many shower manufacturers have begun integrating flow restrictors into their designs as a means of helping the environment and reducing customers water bills. GROHE always being a step ahead in the innovation arena, introduced the EcoJoy technology. This is a water saving solution reduces the amount of water usage by up to 50% without compromising on performance, giving the full water jet experience every time.

3. The perfect balance in water temperature is crucial and GROHE has perfected this art with the GROHTHERM technology ideal for all users, young and old. The GROHTHERM thermostatic mixers remain cool due to the anti-scolding feature and can be personalised to suit one’s showering needs, giving both the right temperature and pressure at the flick of a switch.

4. For the ultimate sensory overload, GROHE’s F-Digital Deluxe tailor-made shower spa is the cherry on top of an ice-cream sundae. This shower experience stimulates every sense and turns an ordinary bathroom and shower into heaven on earth. A sanctuary for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With the use of the GROHE F-Digital Deluxe app, perfect shower can be heightened by personalising ambient lighting, sounds, steam, and water streams.

Taking a shower is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Cascading water in a whirlwind of steams dribbling down the body from head to toe, leaves a trail of satisfaction and rejuvenation on the skin.

GROHE is here to make a simple pleasure the ultimate affair.

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