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Bathrooms Aug 11, 2023

Grohe EuroCeramic – A Perfect Harmony of Style and Function

Your bathroom is your private oasis — a tranquil retreat where you prepare yourself for the new day and find solace before retreating to bed. It’s a sacred space that deserves the utmost attention to detail. Welcome to the world of GROHE EuroCeramic, where practicality and modern design harmonise to create a bathroom that is perfectly in tune with your lifestyle.

GROHE EuroCeramic offers a variety of innovative features and a sleek silhouette that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. The range benefits from GROHE’s expertise in sanitaryware such as toilets and bathroom basins, and the technical prowess of the LIXIL organisation, a leading global player in water technology for over a century.

Let’s explore the five compelling technologies that make GROHE EuroCeramic toilets and bathroom basins a standout choice for your bathroom:

PureGuard Glazing: Enduring sparkle and germ-free surfaces

With GROHE PureGuard, the surfaces of EuroCeramic fixtures boast a sparkling finish that lasts. The glaze is infused with long-lasting ions that have an anti-bacterial effect, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and ensuring a clean and germ-free environment. The smooth surface also repels dirt caused by limescale and grime, making cleaning effortless and keeping your bathroom shining.

Designed to seamlessly complement any GROHE Euro fitting, the EuroCeramic collection offers a wide range of sizes and distinctive shapes that enable you to design a practical and comfortable bathroom. Whether you seek a functional space for the whole family or a personal oasis, the GROHE EuroCeramic range has everything you need.

Experience the seamless combinations between EuroCeramic and GROHE’s classic brassware ranges. Rest assured that each Euro tap will effortlessly integrate with your sanitaryware, ensuring a harmonious aesthetic.

Triple Vortex Flush: Unleashing the power of three for a clean and silent flush

Unlike conventional toilets, GROHE’s Triple Vortex Flush System harnesses the power of three water outlets to create a robust and silent vortex of water. This swirling action ensures comprehensive coverage and thorough cleaning of the entire bowl. With low water consumption and a dual flush option, using only five litres for a full flush and three litres for a short flush, the Triple Vortex flush combines efficiency with effectiveness, leaving nothing behind.


Rimless Technology: Bid farewell to hidden bacteria

Conventional toilet bowls are difficult to clean with bacteria lurking in hard-to-reach corners and crevices. GROHE’s rimless technology eliminates the rim, making every surface of your toilet easily accessible and effortless to keep clean. By removing the hiding spots for bacteria, this innovative feature ensures impeccable hygiene and peace of mind.

Quick Release Seat: Easy cleaning made effortless

On the topic of effortless toilet cleaning, GROHE EuroCeramic toilets come equipped with a quick release seat featuring a special hinge that allows for easy and quick removal. This convenient feature ensures hassle-free maintenance, enabling you to keep your toilet pristine with minimal effort.

Soft Close Seat: Gentle and quiet for enhanced comfort

GROHE understands the importance of tranquillity in your bathroom space. That’s why the EuroCeramic collection of toilet seats features soft-close technology — a gentle and quiet soft-closing mechanism for both the seat and lid. Bid farewell to slamming noises and little fingers getting trapped.

Now you can enhance your bathroom experience by combining innovative technologies with timeless design. While Grohe ceramics may not reveal their advanced features at first glance, they are crafted to ensure your utmost comfort and freedom in the bathroom, without any compromises.

Design a bathroom that reflects your unique style and embraces your lifestyle with the GROHE EuroCeramic range – the perfect harmony of form and function.

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