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Grohe: Common Spaces Refining Luxury

Kitchen and bathroom renovations can help sell your property.

As trends and design cues have changed over time, so have homeowners’ visions for their living spaces and homes. Rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom that were once seen as purely functional spaces have now become state of the art spaces. The kitchen and bathroom have become the heartbeat of most contemporary homes and as a result of this, consumers’ perceptions with regards to renovations and design has drastically changed. More homeowners are now investing in luxurious and contemporary kitchens and bathrooms that deliver both on style and functionality.

GROHE with its chic, timeless and premium design finishes provide a homeowner with a range of choices to create a one-of-a-kind looks that oozes luxury in every detail. This investment goes beyond just the aesthetic, in fact, quality finishes such as those found in the GROHE portfolio boost the resell value of the home thus commanding a higher price and the home potentially selling faster.

Kitchens and bathrooms are of utmost importance to current, new, and potential homeowners as a great deal of time is spent in these living spaces. Because of this regular use, wear and tear is inevitable and thus having quality fixtures is a must. GROHE’s StarLight™ finish with surfaces extremely durable and resistant to scratches and dirt makes sure that the fixtures look forever new.

It is the small details that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. GROHE’s CoolTouch™ technology prevents scalding by making sure that the outer tap surface never exceeds the water temperature. Then there are GROHE’s Zero taps that have internal waterway separators to ensure lead and nickel-free drinking water. And how can one forget the GROHE SpeedClean nozzles that prevent the build-up of limescale and make cleaning the nozzles a breeze. These are some of the little touches that have the potential to swing the selling point by a couple of hundreds.

As important as aesthetics are, water conservation leads today’s design inspiration and Corrie Stride, Leader: Marketing, LIXIL Africa, says, “Consumers often waste litres of water unknowingly and as brand leaders in sustainability, technology and innovation GROHE has created water saving technology to help consumers save every drop they can without compromising on the experience.” GROHE EcoJoy speaks to this water saving technology with products that save up to 50% of water usage.

GROHE is known for their quality, uniqueness, innovation, and design, making the brand more than just appealing for those looking to reimagine these spaces in a luxurious and awe-inspiring manner. Let GROHE transform your kitchen and bathroom from what was once overlooked as merely a necessity to one-of-a-kind masterpieces that truly make a house a home.


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