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Bathrooms Mar 17, 2024

GROHE: Commercial Bathroom Fittings

If you’re responsible for equipping or managing commercial environments — public restrooms in malls, washroom facilities in crowded airports, public bathrooms in luxury hotels, or bathrooms in modern office complexes — your selection of bathroom fixtures becomes paramount.

It’s not just about taps; it’s about touchless taps that ensure high levels of hygiene in high-traffic areas, metering taps that deliver an acquired amount of water, and concealed flush valves that enhance aesthetics. In these critical decision-making moments, GROHE stands out as the preferred choice. Famed for its precision engineering and innovative designs, GROHE promises bathroom fixtures that not only meet the strict demands of commercial spaces but also enhance the user experience with every gesture.

Furthermore, GROHE’s commitment extends beyond just product excellence. Our approach, rooted in over a century of craftsmanship, revolves around understanding the evolving needs of commercial spaces and delivering solutions that are sustainable as they are sophisticated. When choosing GROHE, you’re not just selecting a bathroom fixture; you’re partnering with a legacy of quality and innovation.

The Growing Importance of Hygiene in Commercial and Public Spaces

In the wake of global health challenges, notably the very recent COVID-19 pandemic, the emphasis on hygiene in commercial spaces has skyrocketed. Visitors, employees, and patrons now expect, more than ever, facilities that prioritise their health and safety. Touchpoints, especially in high-traffic areas like public bathrooms, have become hotspots for concern. Enter touchless and self-closing bathroom toilet and tap technologies — innovative solutions designed to reduce direct hand contact and ensure water conservation. By limiting the need for manual operation, these bathroom technologies minimises the spread of germs between multiple users and offer patrons a safer, more sanitary experience.

GROHE, ever attentive to emerging needs, leads the way in integrating these advancements into our offerings, ensuring that commercial spaces aren’t just hygienic but also efficient and environmentally conscious.

High-end Fittings for Commercial Bathrooms in South Africa

At GROHE, our dedication to creating innovative, practical, and aesthetic solutions is evident in our diverse range of products tailored to your commercial spaces. Our range of luxury commercial bathroom taps and fittings ensure we extend our service offering to public restrooms in malls, gyms, airports and office spaces.

GROHE Euroeco Self-Closing Pillar Tap

In spaces like public restrooms, water conservation is crucial. Our Euroeco self-closing pillar tap is a symbol of efficiency and offers a premium plumbing solution for public restrooms. It boasts three distinct flow time options which are 7, 15 & 30 seconds, ensuring that not a drop of water is wasted. Wrapped in our signature GROHE StarLight finish, this tap doesn’t just save water – it adds a touch of elegance to any space.

GROHE Euroeco Infrared E Electronic Tap

In a world that’s more hygiene-conscious than ever, touchless technology is not just an advancement; it’s a necessity. Our Euroeco Cosmopolitan E tap, fitted with an infrared sensor, promises a hands-free experience, minimising touchpoints and enhancing hygiene through limited cross-contamination opportunities. Beyond its obvious health benefits, this tap, with its GROHE EcoJoy mousseur, ensures a harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability available in either mains or battery supply options.

Skate WC Wall Plate Manual

Design meets functionality with the Skate WC wall plate, a modern restroom fixture ideal for the public space. Made for vertical installation, its sleek aesthetic complements any restroom decor. The push-button actuation provides effortless operation, while hidden fixing screws maintain a clean and uninterrupted visual appeal, reinforcing our dedication to blending form and function seamlessly.

GROHE Tectron Skate Electronic Flush Plate for Urinals

Elevate the restroom experience with our Tectron Skate electronic flush plate. Designed for urinals, this plate employs an infra-red sensor for touchless actuation, reducing contact and promoting a sanitary environment. The convenience of electronic actuation combined with a range of pre-set programmes ensures optimal functionality, making maintenance a breeze.

Together, these products exemplify GROHE’s commitment to reimagining commercial spaces. Through innovation and meticulous design, we aim to ensure that your establishment stands out, both in terms of aesthetics and operational efficiency.

Safety and Durability: GROHE’s Vandal-Resistant Solutions

GROHE understands the challenges faced by commercial spaces. Vandalism and theft can be particularly concerning, especially in South Africa. It’s with this understanding that our products are crafted with durable stainless steel construction. Beyond its elegant finish, this robust material promises longevity. Coupled with a hidden shaft on the WC and urinal actuation plate, GROHE offers solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also resistant to tampering, ensuring peace of mind for property managers.

The GROHE Powerbox: An Eco-Friendly Revolution

Being part of the distinguished GROHE Euroeco and Eurosmart Cosmopolitan E range, our Powerbox stands as a testament to GROHE’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. These devices are ingeniously designed for cold, premixed or mixed water setups, and it comes equipped with an infrared sensor, ensuring seamless bi-directional communication for effective monitoring.

Notably, with every activation, it harnesses the power to generate its own energy, eliminating the constant reliance on batteries or external electricity. Paired with the GROHE EcoJoy® flow limiter, it guarantees water conservation without compromising performance. This is truly green technology, crafted to meet the eco-conscious aspirations of modern commercial spaces. With the additional 15-year guarantee, it’s not just a product; it’s our promise of durability and efficiency.

At GROHE, innovation isn’t just a word; it’s a commitment. Through a diverse range of products, the brand consistently showcases a dedication to aesthetics, hygiene, and unrivalled durability. For those ready to elevate their commercial spaces, they invite you to explore and invest in a legacy of excellence with GROHE‘s commercial product range.

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