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Bathrooms Nov 10, 2023

Get the Boutique Hotel Bathroom Effect with Jeeves

Boutique hotels offer a one-of-a-kind experience: an unexpected quiet enclave; a trendy respite from the bustle of urban life.  And of course, the bathroom with its natural focus on individual experience and signature style, plays a key role in setting up this unique effect.  With a wide spectrum of sophisticated design themes, the boutique hotel bathroom is an indulgence associated with a special holiday place.

But what if you could enjoy this experience right on your doorstep – everyday in your very own bathroom?

As key players of breathtaking additions to the bathroom, Jeeves shares ideas on just how to convert your bathroom into the delightful boutique style.


  1. Show your personality

With its emphasis on a distinctive look, the boutique bathroom unlocks the opportunity to show off your personal pizazz while making a signature design statement. Jeeves provides effortless solutions to do just that in the form of an extensive selection of heated towel rails.  This includes models such as the popular Jeeves Tangent L Ladder Rail – the exquisite rendition of the conventional object: an artistic reinterpretation which transforms this contoured design into an aesthetic icon.  Known for its tapering symmetrical outline,  available in a choice of trending colours, the Tangent Ladder harmonises form and function, bringing an innovative edge to the boutique feel of the room. Here, horizontal bars provide the perfect storage for your towels, pampering you with toasty perfection to complete your boutique bathroom experience. 


2. Modern Décor

The boutique bathroom has a trendy, modern look.  While this draws on an uncluttered minimalistic foundation, there is ample room for subtle nuances of pampering.  Jeeves Spartan Boxx comes to mind, with its complete, unified design which brings a striking look of artistic expression and refined opulence.  Combining state-of-the-art horizontal tubular bars encased in an angular frame, the Jeeves Boxx presents a geometric heated towel rail with a trendsetting, edgy appeal.

From here, indulgences such as plush, fluffy towels, soap dispensers, hand lotion, a beautiful soft rug and of course, gently warmed-up bath robes and perfectly warmed towels  complete your heavenly time out.


3. Serenity

Luxury inspires a sense of serenity, the trademark ambience of the boutique hotel bathroom.  Using décor  which adds a touch of indulgence is the secret, and with its effortless symmetrical bars and clean lines, the Jeeves Classic range is an obvious choice for bathroom pampering and relaxation.  Of course, when it comes to heated towel rail design, Jeeves likes to push the boundaries, even those of the Classical style. This is seen in the juxtaposition of the design’s symmetrical groups of bars, where evenly numbered groups of bars, set at regular intervals, are juxtaposed with an odd numbered group – a contemporary take on traditional classical symmetry.  The result adds character, bringing a touch of spice to the harmonious look which softly envelops the bathroom space.


4. Focal Point

A focal point is often used strategically in the boutique hotel bathroom to create the ‘wow effect’.  Drawing the eye to a particular area, a dramatic central point effectively emphasizes a décor element while organizing other components in the design space around this main feature.

This effect can be achieved using the sleek & timeless glass-mounted Spartan F, with its evenly spaced horizontal lines, beautifully bracketed between two solid tubular bars. The impressive 1 475mm Spartan F, either glass- or wall-mounted, also achieves a spectacular effect as an elegant frisson of visual delight, immediately drawing attention to its engaging contours. 

A focal point can also be achieved with an innovative design such as the Jeeves freestanding floor-mounted Tangent X.  Standing tall and independent of support, this novel heated towel rail gives the impression of defying the laws of gravity,  while supplying deliciously warmed towels right at your fingertips.


5. Finishing Touches

The boutique hotel bathroom offers luxury and relaxation, skillfully pairing space and design, elegance with striking effect, form with function and style aesthetics with individual expression,  to create a chic contemporary, unforgettable look.  By strategically including key décor indulgences such as your heated towel rail along with choice furnishings and soft indulgences, you are guaranteed to make a fashion statement with a customized setting where you get to savour time out in your private paradise of the ultimate getaway.

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