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Nov 20, 2021

Geberit One – The Best of Two Worlds

Geberit ONE is a pioneering, fully integrated, and comprehensive solution for the entire bathroom. This is made possible by integrating many components behind the wall. Cleverly combined in a single system, Geberit ONE has the chance to demonstrate its many benefits – both obvious and hidden.

This means greater cleanliness, more space and greater flexibility in the bathroom. Functional design for a better quality of life. For the bathroom of the future.

The wall-hung Geberit ONE WC is both elegant and perfectly proportioned. A eureka moment comes when opening the lid, with the asymmetrical, completely rimless inner geometry of the WC ceramic appliance. This subsequently ensures an outstanding, ultra-quiet TurboFlush.

The flush on the WC ceramic appliance is fantastic while being no louder than a whisper.‎ Thanks to sophisticated installation technology, the height of the WC can be easily adjusted without needing to open the prewall, even years after the toilet was originally installed.‎

Geberit ONE subsequently combines sanitary technology expertise with clever design. This enables pioneering, comprehensive and fully integrated solutions for the whole bathroom.‎ Integrating many components behind the wall therefore creates an understated appearance.‎ Cleverly combined into a single system, Geberit ONE boasts a whole host of obvious and more subtle advantages which ensures a cleaner, safer and more flexible bathroom.

Key features include:

  • Hidden wall mounting
  • SoftClosing
  • Flush volume
  • Ground clearance
  • TurboFlush
  • Quick release

For more visit Geberit.

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