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Feb 3, 2020

Geberit: Inspiring Bathroom Ideas

Beautiful bathrooms begin with beautiful finishes. Geberit combines a passion for design and technology to inspire and excite people all over the world. By applying a vast know-how and almost 150 years of experience, they ensure products are not just beautiful to look at, but truly make life easier and more comfortable.

Responsibly made from fine and durable materials, Geberit products are a perfect balance of elegant design and outstanding function. They are easy to clean, easy to use and increase comfort.

Design Meets Function is the name given to this fusion of outstanding functionality with aesthetic design for the entire bathroom.

Toilet: Geberit iCon xs Actuator plate: Geberit Sigma30, stainless-steel brushed Washbasin: Geberit iCon 124190 Shower: Geberit wall drain for showers

The Geberit iCon Series:

The Geberit iCon bathroom series is as multifaceted as people’s individual tastes. An extensive range of ceramic products and bathroom furniture in a clear and modern design language provides maximum design flexibility. The Geberit iCon series shines with its linear design and impressive versatility.

The Geberit iCon washbasins are defined by clear, sleek lines along the outer contours.
Capacious inner washbasin bowl design adds depth and prominence for daily usage whilst elegant bathroom items are afforded generous space in the recesses of the asymmetrical design. Geberit iCon washbasin are available in many formats and sizes, including as double washbasins for wall-mounted taps.

Washbasin: Geberit Acanto Bathroom furniture: Geberit Acanto, Body: white high-gloss coated, Front: white glass Mirror cabinet: Geberit Acanto Toilet and bidet: Geberit Acanto Actuator plate: Geberit Sigma21, white glass

Geberit Acanto:

The Geberit Acanto bathroom boasts a wide range of versatile designs combined with intricate customer centric solutions. After all, your needs are at the heart of everything they do.

With a wide range of washbasin cabinets, tall cabinets, mirror cabinets and shelf solutions, the Geberit Acanto bathroom furniture creates the perfect storage space for every bathroom. Made of a moisture resistant material, the furniture is available in four colours : black, lava, sand grey and white.

The drawers and doors have a push-to-open mechanism and offer a variety of compartments and shelves creating an uncluttered environment.

Toilet: Geberit iCon square Cistern: Geberit Monolith Plus, white glass Washbasin: Geberit VariForm rectangular Mirror: Geberit Option Shower surface: Geberit Setaplano Wallpaper: London Art

Geberit Monolith:

With Geberit Monolith sanitary modules, you do not have to compromise. After all, truly impressive design comprises not only the aesthetic design, but also the function, the product material and the technology behind it.

The Geberit Monolith sanitary modules open up unexpected possibilities when it comes to bathroom design. The modules for WC or bidet can therefore be combined with most standard automatic taps and sanitary ceramics.

Washbasin: Geberit VariForm lay-on Mirror cabinet: Geberit Acanto Toilet: Geberit iCon xs Actuator plate: Geberit Sigma50, black glass Shower Geberit wall drain

Visit Geberit for more bathroom inspiration and the latest trends in bathroom designs.

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