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May 14, 2018

Geberit: Hints and Tips For Planning Your Dream Bathroom

Over time, the way we look at things changes, and new trends come and go in a flash! In modern interior design, these trends are identified systematically and analysed, enabling us to filter out exact colours, styles and atmospheres that can be in demand on the market for a long time to come. This then forms the basis for modern bathroom designs, which will be regarded as dream bathrooms now, and hopefully for the home owner, for many years to come.

A new bathroom should outlast short-lived trends, meet our own idea of style and comfort and be complemented by such fantastic ideas that we’ll still love it even years later. It’s good to know our aims, requirements and aspirations when we select colours and materials, opt for a particular product or equip our bathroom according to the current standards of comfort.

Things to consider when planning your bathroom:

Prerequisites, preferences, wishes… This list will create clarity for your plans:

  • Size and floor plan of room
  • How many people of what ages use the bathroom?
  • Keep a record of how the bathroom is used every day
  • Which bathroom trend inspires you the most?
  • What kind of living style do you prefer?
  • Do you prefer round or square washbasin shapes?
  • Do you want to plan for crossgenerational needs or put the necessary measures in place so you can adapt the bathroom easily further down the line?
  • Which colours do you prefer?
  • Think about specific furnishing preferences, e.g. bathtub and/or shower, bidet, urinal, storage space.

Colours and materials:
Harmonious design concepts can work wonders, and choosing the right colours and textures to suit your bathroom & personality is crucial.

A few tips:

  • In general, light shades give the illusion of space and make small bathrooms look bigger.
  • Dark colours bring walls and ceilings closer and make large bathrooms look smaller.
  • Various materials can liven up a bathroom. But be careful, wood and natural stone also have differing shades that must work together.
  • Colour combinations only look harmonious if they follow the same values. Bathroom furniture in warm taupe and a floor in cold grey, for instance, will always jar.
  • Complementary colours and in-between shades such as blue-green create a cosy atmosphere, especially in combination with authentic-looking materials and plants which make us feel connected to nature.

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