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Bathrooms Feb 10, 2022

Find your perfect match with these heated towel rails

The month of love is the perfect time to add that special touch to the bathroom, creating your own private heavenly getaway. Of course, we may be just a tad biased, but we think that crowning this experience with a delightfully toasty towel will allow you to do just that ;

Jeeves Tangent X Black

To help you get started, Jeeves weighs in with 5 ideas to finding your perfect match with these heated towel rails:

  1. The priority of pampering

If luxe living is high on your list of ‘must haves’ then the Tangent X is the ideal heated towel rail for you (and your bathroom). This freestanding, floor-mounted heated towel rail was born to bring the essence of luxury to your bath time experience.  Bringing an aesthetic of luxury with towels heated to perfection, the Tangent X permeates the room with a blissful serenity, waiting patiently for you to finish your bathroom experience with a pampered touch.

Jeeves Spartan Nine Black

2. Chic minimalism

Do you have a penchant for everything in its place and a place for everything?   The Spartan Nine provides an ideal solution, with the added benefit of bringing a nuance of sophisticated simplicity to the bathroom.  Add to this its impressive length reaching 1365mm coupled with its minimalist aesthetic of clean lines and you have a streamlined look that brings an uncluttered effect to the bathroom space. 

And there you have it… the perfect accessory, which not only provides a storing (and displaying) solution, it also brings the delightful benefit of rounding off your bathtime in the cocooned warmth of a heated towel.

Jeeves Spartan Nine Black.

  1. Personalising your space

So you want to create a unique look that illustrates your personal flair, something that expresses your unique creativity.  Look no further than the Tangent Ladder L, a heated towel rail that encourages artistic expression, inviting you to bring your personal stamp to the bathroom space. Effortlessly drawing attention, this playful piece allows you to create an innovative look with a stylish rendition of the regular ladder.  In this way your bathroom becomes your personal canvas bringing a sense of childlike wonder, offset by an on point, chic decor statement which brings your individual stamp into play.

Jeeves Classic H Black

  1. A secluded getaway

Imagine a room with the idyllic ambience of your own private island of serenity.  If this sounds like your idea of heaven, then the Jeeves Classic H may just be right up your street.  Bringing a soft touch to the room, this heated towel is sufficiently compact to work perfectly together as a pair, providing a separate towel warmer for each of you to enjoy.

Wall-mounted, this beauty can be strategically placed so that it is close enough to supply a sublimely warmed up towel as soon as you finish your bath or shower, bringing a daily experience of your own haven of tranquility.

Jeeves Quadro D Polished

  1. Bold and dramatic

If you are not one for doing things halfway, then welcome to the world of the Jeeves Quadro D. Created to be visually provocative, this design places two contrasting shapes against each other: rounded inner bars playing against an edgier geometrical frame, setting up a captivating counterpoint between the two components.

Add to this a sumptuous length reaching 1340 and this beauty becomes the undisputed focal point of the room.  In doing so, this heated towel rail becomes a statement piece, upping the wow factor with trendsetting decor that brings exoticism, opulence and a distinctive essence to the bathroom space.

Wrapping up

While the month of love provides the perfect excuse to up the ante, romance is always an integral part of the bathroom with pampering taking centre stage. Add the luxe touch of a warmed-up towel, courtesy of your heated towel rail and you take indulgence to a whole new level, allowing you to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style, with the added advantage of extending this experience all year round too.





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