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Bathrooms Nov 28, 2023

Ferreiras: Tips To Design Your Awkwardly Shaped Bathroom

Modern bathrooms serve as a sanctuary from the outside world. However, if you’re facing an awkwardly shaped bathroom, the idea of luxurious rest and tranquility may not prove functional. We’re here to give you the tips you need to maximise your bathroom experience with some top recommendations from Ferreiras.

Custom storage

Awkward layouts call for custom solutions and this is a great way to incorporate customised storage to maximise your bathroom. Embrace the challenge by prioritizing space efficiency. Consider customizing storage solutions that fit seamlessly into corners and niches. We recommend sleek, wall-mounted cabinets and floating shelves to free up floor space and create an illusion of openness. Wall-hung floating designs are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Make a statement

Elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics with innovative design elements to make a statement. The use of bold tiles, patterns, and textures may divert attention from the awkward layout. Consider a feature wall or a statement piece to draw the eye away from the unconventional angles and shapes, adding a touch of modern elegance.

Placement is key

Optimal placement of fixtures is crucial in an irregularly shaped bathroom. Our top suggestion is to arrange fixtures like the toilet, sink, and shower in a way that maximizes available space. Corner toilets, pedestal sinks, and compact showers can be excellent choices for unconventional layouts, providing functionality without compromising style.

Choose a small tub

A bathtub is often the ultimate spoil in a luxury bathroom. So why not embrace the awkward shape of the room and place a smaller tub in a nook or tuck one under a sloped ceiling to make the most of your space. Plan your layout carefully and you’ll soon realise that an oddly shaped space doesn’t have to limit your capabilities.

Seamless floors

Uninterrupted flooring can visually unify an awkwardly shaped bathroom. Use large, continuous tiles or flooring materials that seamlessly flow throughout the space. This creates a cohesive look, minimizing the emphasis on irregular shapes and promoting a sense of continuity.

If you need advice to create your own luxury bathroom, visit Ferreiras.

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