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Bathrooms May 22, 2020

Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom: Tips For A ‘Must Own’ Home

Have you ever questioned why the bathroom, particularly the main en-suite bathroom, and kitchen, are the first place you look at when considering buying or renting a new house? These areas are telling signs of the quality of the finishes and materials used in the house.

As property is one of the biggest investments majority of people make, either as the home to spend the rest of their lives in, or as a starter house or apartment; that will be sold or rented out to move into a bigger space. It is essential to capitalise knowingly and make use of well suited products for the location and budget of the property.

Here are a few tips to help you create a “must own home”:

Resilient flooring

Quality tiles will last longer and eliminate the need for upgrades due to cracks and chips.

Have quality mixers and taps

We live in a day in age where people are quite “brand conscious”, so having Hansgrohe mixers will help emphasize the use of quality products, that are also eco-friendly hence saving water and costs in terms of water and electricity consumption.


The proper use of mirrors can help make the bathroom space look larger than it is and brighten the space. Add mirrors with LED lighting and a defogging feature to add a techno appeal to the finishes.


A cluttered space with many containers in plain sight, creates the impression of a messy space and insufficient storage. To avoid this, make use of a vanity with storage cupboards or drawers below.

Make sure that there is a bath, in at least one of the bathrooms

You may not be particularly fond of bathing, but if you are going to be potentially renting or selling, the bathroom will be more appealing to families with young children, as it is much more comfortable to bath kids.


Ensure proper ventilation

The ceiling is a dead giveaway if there is poor air circulation in the bathroom, giving rise to mould. When building, make sure your bathrooms have windows, and if not possible, install mechanical air ventilation in the form of extractor fans.
Kitchen surfaces

If in the budget, make use of solid surfaces for the kitchen, use a quartz, granite or slab surface, as plastic laminate counters don’t have a high-end appeal.

Kitchen splash backs

Ensure the splash backs in the kitchen are easy to clean and tie in with the look and feel of the rest of the house.

Never underestimate the power of a well-appointed bathroom and kitchen, these areas can make it or break it for perspective buyers.

One last tip, just because you like vibrant orange walls doesn’t mean buyers will find it appealing! Stick to neutrals.

If you need more visit Ferreiras online for assistance and advise or email design@ferreiras.co.za.

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