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Bathrooms Feb 24, 2021

Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom: 8 Steps To Find The Perfect Bath

If like us, you enjoy a good evening soak in a lavish bath, then choosing the perfect tub should come easy? Or not? Well, how hard can it be… Here are some tips to help you choose the right bath for your home.


Most of us are aware that you get built-in baths and freestanding baths. Choosing between the two is usually a case of personal preference. But remember you are investing in something you may use every or every other day or just investing in creating a gorgeous feature in your bathroom. So when
making these decisions you should be confident in what you are looking for. Practicality as well as aesthetics ie. something that is appealing to your eye no matter the trends, are important.


Here are 8 key considerations:

  1. Do you like to lie down and soak in the bath fully submerged? Or do you prefer to sit?
  2. Does the bath need to fit one or two people? Two kids, or a romantic bath for 2?
  3. Does the bath need to look elegant with no clutter around or do you need surface area to hold shampoos, soaps.. or wine! ie does the bath require a thicker rim or a glass shelf on a nearby wall or a freestanding table at arms’ reach.
  4. If you are looking at a freestanding bath, do you want a freestanding mixer or a mixer and spout coming from the wall?
  5. Do you require a hand shower set? Maybe to wash your hair or feet, or the bath itself.
  6. Most freestanding baths offer a selection between a matt and glossy finish – which do you prefer? We have both in our showroom for you to come and view.
  7. Most importantly… is the bath comfortable? People come in all shapes and sizes and so do baths. Come in store to try them all out and find your favourite one.
  8. Budget, does the price tag meet your bank account? Sometimes this is a good starting point as it narrows down your options if you have a certain amount you’d like to spend.

If you are still unsure, ask the professionals for help. The designers from Ferreira’s Tile + Bathroom are always at hand to help you choose the perfect bath.


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