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Bathrooms Nov 18, 2020

Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom: 7 Ideas For A Sleek Bathroom Reno

Pack as much style as you possibly can into your next bathroom renovation with these easy tips to transform your space. Keep it simple, sleek and on budget with Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom.

Show-stopping Floors

Bathroom floors need to be durable and easy to maintain. This doesn’t mean your floors need to be dull or lifeless. On the contrary, a small bathroom could do with statement tiles or mosaics in a clever array of colour and pattern. This is a sure way to up the style of a bathroom and will certainly be a value-add in a smaller space.

Vibrant Vanities

Ditch your old or outdated bathroom cabinet or vanity for something sleek with added storage. Floating cabinets are on trend and give the added illusion of space. This is also a great option for added storage in a smaller bathroom.

Follow Nature’s Lead

Keep it timeless with organic materials and finishes inspired by Mother Nature. Warm woody tones, stone-effect tiles or elegant marble counters are a sure way to add value in your bathroom and create a more natural, sleek look.

Statement Walls

Don’t settle for drab walls. Today we are spoiled for choice when it comes to superior tiling options for floors and walls. Choose a stylish tile selection and create a focal wall above a vanity or inside a shower. This extra touch will surely add to your home’s appeal and make your bathroom a much more enticing space.

A Touch of Colour

White bathrooms are often sterile and boring. Add a dose of pattern or colour through a selection of finishes and decor accents. A mosaic wall will add definition or choose a mix of vibrant accessories to spice things up in the bathroom.

The Soaking Tub

Create a luxury bathroom and incorporate a freestanding soaking tub. Place this under a window or in a corner for a more elegant spa-like quality to your space. Tubs are a great way to add value and a modern, soothing ambience to your room.

Get Creative with Storage

Add shelves, hooks or a cabinet in your bathroom to maximise available space. Storage is an essential for modern living and the only way to keep things looking sleek and uncluttered. A simple floating shelf above a vanity or bath will give you a great space to store towels, toiletries and more.

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