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Bathrooms Aug 20, 2021

Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom: Your Guide To Bathroom Layouts

Bathrooms may come in many shapes and sizes. But what makes a bathroom a good, functional space? Today we take a closer look at four main bathroom layouts with tips from Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom to help us create that ideal bathroom in our own homes. 

The Full Bathroom

A full bathroom is like the ‘big poppa’ of bathroom layouts. This type of bathroom contains all four elements that give a bathroom its unique function. This is a sink, bathtub, shower and toilet. Basically, a full bathroom therefore houses everything in one space needed to maximise your cleansing experience.

It’s interesting to note that your shower / bathtub may be joined or separate and either way, this will still be seen as two components that make up a full bathroom.  To qualify as a shower / bathtub, there must be a bathtub served by a lower tap system and a shower served by a higher shower head. Typically, the bathtub and the shower share the same controls.

Full bathrooms are ideal in family homes where one space serves many purposes. It packs a punch as it is one room with everything you need.

The En Suite Bathroom

En Suite or Primary bathrooms are usually connected to the main bedroom or largest bedroom in the home. Typically this bathroom is also a full bathroom or three-quarter bathroom (with either a shower or bath).

En Suite bathrooms usually serve the main bedroom. As such, these typically lead off the main bedroom and can not be accessed from other rooms in the house.

Homes usually have a second bathroom of some kind to serve the rest of the family, guests and anyone else using the home every day.

Three-Quarter Bathrooms

As the name suggests, three-quarter bathrooms contain three of the four main elements in this space. Therefore, these layouts have a toilet, sink, and either a separate shower or a separate bathtub.

As more homeowners opt for showers, many older homes are being remodelled to remove their bathtubs, converting full bathrooms into spacious three-quarter bathrooms.

Half Bathrooms

Typically a guest loo or powder room, the half bathroom contains a toilet and a sink. These separate toilet areas often provide more privacy in the home. Half bathrooms also tend to be on the small side and can often fit into smaller spaces when renovating.

Whether big and grand, or small and compact, bathrooms can still be a stylish and functional space in any home.

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