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Ferreiras: Does Buying Local Matter?

We love supporting local industries and sowing back into our communities. One such company offering products manufactured right here in sunny RSA is Ferreiras. Not only are they proud local supporters but their products are also of the highest quality.

But what is all the fuss about #localislekker ? Let’s break it down:

The environment will thank you

By sourcing products that have been locally produced you are lowering your carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases—primarily carbon dioxide—released into the atmosphere by an activity. Quite simply, local products do not have to travel far via planes, trains, trucks and ships and therefore you reduce the amount of transport and fuel required.

The economy will thank you

By buying locally manufactured products, you are not only supporting one local company but also all the local suppliers of that company. For example, you are supporting the supplier of the raw material needed to make that beautiful bath or tile.

Local businesses hire local workers, thus making for a stronger economy.

A bathroom with a view at Singita Kwitonda Lodge. Featured: Redere Bath in Black from livingstonebaths

You will thank you

Get more personalised products. When you shop local, the products have been tailored to what South Africans prefer in terms of design and comfort.

Here are a few local manufacturers and their stories:

Ceramic Industries

Local porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tiles made by Ceramic Industries. The company began in 1976, and while the technology used to manufacture products has changed greatly, the formula for great quality tiles remains the same: raw material, heat and water, creating fashionable, resilient, safe and long-lasting products.


Local free-standing bathtubs, countertop basins and pillar basin made by DADOquartz. Since 1998, DADOquartz has pioneered the use of combining quartz ore and minerals mined from South Africa to create its material to manufacture unique bathroom products that come with a lifetime warranty.

Dado Baths

Johnson Tiles

Local ceramic floor tiles made by Johnson Tiles. One of the largest manufacturers of glazed ceramic tiles, starting manufacturing in South Africa in 1952, they have strived to supply distinctive and stylish new products for both residential and commercial markets. Johnsons Tiles is dedicated in guaranteeing that all their glazed ceramic tiles adhere to strict safety, durability, versatility and dirt-resistance compliance.


Livingstone Baths

Local free-standing bathtubs and complementary countertop basins made by Livingstone Baths. The baths and basins are individually crafted, made from resin and stone and hand polished to a glossy finish. Available in a variety of finishes that can be selected by the customer for that extra personal touch.



So, the question remains… will you buy local? We sure hope so. Find these and other great local products available from Ferreiras.

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