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Bathrooms Jan 11, 2022

Ferreiras: Bathroom Looks For 2022

A new year means new opportunities to create dreamy interiors. In the bathroom, we are seeing the emergence of murals, luxe materials, and plants that add to a glamourous feel. Here are some of the latest bathroom trends for the year ahead…

Bring the outdoors in 

Nature is the source of all inspiration. In the bathroom trend of 2022, biophilia sees more plants making their way into the perfect bathroom sanctuary. Plants bring freshness, texture and colour to your bathroom. Furthermore, greenery and plants are a great way to add a spa-like feel to your bathroom and embrace the great outdoors. It’s a wonderful way to subsequently add an organic look and keep it natural and sophisticated for the seasons ahead.

Spa-Like Features

It’s all about contemporary luxury in the contemporary bathroom of 2022. Gone are the days of mere functional bathrooms. We want more elegance and comfort with spa-like features that could include a freestanding tub, comfy furniture and luxurious accessories to create your own personal sanctuary. Furthermore, spa-like features can include minimal framing in the shower, stylish hardware and beautiful low maintenance granite or quartz solid surface countertops.

Statement Marble

For that added wow factor, is there anything more magical than marble? It’s the material of kings and for good reason. The natural beauty of marble is unsurpassed and can create a luxe space that will not only feel high-end but will offer long-lasting durability. Top tip: You can create a focal wall in marble or kit out your entire bathroom in this luxe material – from floors to ceiling for a total makeover.

Natural Materials

Sustainability is a hot trend and continues in 2022. As the world looks for new ways to upcycle, live more harmonious with the environment, and leave a lighter footprint, then natural materials are the way to go. Think natural textiles and elements like wood and stone for added impact. Your natural bathroom should be modest but with room to breathe, private but still connected.

Luxurious Fixtures

Every little detail needs to work together in the contemporary bathroom of 2022. Think luxe fixtures like lighting and the latest design innovations in modern toilets, showers and sanitaryware. Create a space of calmness and serenity but do not forsake those high-end finishes that will add comfort in this space.


Walk In Showers

Wash away your worries with a modern walk-in shower. If you’re upgrading an old bathroom, a contemporary walk-in shower will give you the space you need to feel rejuvenated. Modern fixtures can elevate your experience and create a spa-like retreat, even in a smaller bathroom.

Freestanding Furniture

Go for a high-end curated feel with customised freestanding furniture in a large, airy bathroom. A beautiful freestanding vanity is a worthy investment in this space. Top tip: Choose a piece with added storage for all your accessories and things that can be kept out of sight in a clutter-free bathroom.

Spark Inspiration

Do you ever feel like Alice in Wonderland when creating your new #bathroom? Be brave! Thanks to smart #design, the spark of #inspiration often comes all by itself. Create an impactful design in the bathroom with the latest innovations such as the #Monochrome style option of the D-Neo complete bathroom series by @BertrandLejoly. At first, you’re wondering if the illuminated round mirror is really hanging at the perfect height. But in the next moment you look deep into it, reflect on your day’s work – and realize: if the form is spot on, everything will fall into place by itself sooner or later. In other words, just fall down the rabbit hole!

Pop Style, Murals and Colour

Take the first step in (re-)exploring your youth with the #Pop style option of the D-Neo complete bathroom series by Bertrand Lejoly. Versatile yet purposeful at the same time, it boosts your morning routine with bright pastels, smart ergonomics, diverse geometric forms, and special fittings, no matter your age. Of course, you’ll also find more than enough space for your everyday bits and pieces, regardless of how big or small your bathroom may be. So, everything is prepared to start your day the Pop way!

A stylish bathroom starts with the right design. Let your personality shine through and create the bathroom of your dreams in 2022. Shop the latest trends with everything you need to transform your bathroom into a modern sanctuary, now available from Ferreiras.

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