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Bathrooms Jun 24, 2022

Ferreiras: 4 Styles For Your Bathroom

Bathroom design is having a moment in 2022. With so many new styles and innovations available, we are simply spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a style that blends a luxurious aesthetic with a blissful feel. Whether you’re after a “Mediterranean”, “Modern” or “Minimalistic” bathroom, you can achieve your dream space in 2022. Ferreiras brings us all the latest bathroom trends so you can get the look in your own home!


If you prefer a streamlined, paired-back look at home, then the minimalist bathroom trend may be right up your alley. This style keeps things simple and sleek. Your bathroom design should therefore be functional and precise. In fact, the styling of a minimalist bathroom is usually neat and uncluttered. This is usually achieved by eliminating most of the décor or using functional items to double as décor. And, of course, the result is a pleasant, roomy and efficient bathroom.

Furthermore, white and light tones are often key colours in a minimalist bathroom. This colour palette helps to reflect light and can also enhance a clean, streamlined design.



For a modern bathroom design, opt for a functional and clean layout. Modern bathrooms often veer towards creating an ambience of luxury and elegance. So, choose sleek finishes and modern materials such as wood, ceramic tiles, and natural stone finishes. Furthermore, contemporary bathroom tiles are a great option in a modern bathroom. This creates a clean slate from which to enjoy your blissful space. Top tip: Keep accessories to a minimum. Instead, focus on quality finishes that reflect a luxurious ambience.



If you’re dreaming of living near the ocean, then Mediterranean bathroom design may be your best option. This style is not afraid of incorporating texture and colour into your bathroom. When it comes to furniture in Mediterranean bathrooms, the casual, comfortable and sun-drenched feel is often extended.

Mediterranean bathrooms typically feature a pop of colour or texture, whether patterned tiles or a bold backsplash. Bright and sunny colours are preferred, including oranges, yellows and reds, plus turquoise blues and bright whites. One other feature that’s often emphasized in Mediterranean bathrooms is curving or arched doorways for entrances, showers or toilet stalls. A freestanding tub with a view is an excellent addition to the space!



Taking its cue from the outdoors, nature-inspired bathrooms typically feature natural elements that bring the outdoors in. Natural materials like stone and wood are often preferred in this scheme. Furthermore, we suggest you opt for large windows with ample natural lighting in your space.

Also, be sure to bring in organic elements like potted greenery or wooden accessories to tie the look together.

Nature Inspired

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