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Oct 24, 2019

Ferreiras: 3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Bathroom Vanity

Renovating your bathroom? Choose a bathroom vanity to suit your space. But first, consider your needs and what style you want to achieve in the bathroom. Ferreiras gives us three things to consider before making this decision.

A bathroom vanity can be described as the bathroom basin which could be countertop, semi-recessed or drop in along with the cabinetry that holds the basin and conceals the exposed plumbing. It also provides storage, usually. In some cases exposed plumbing fits the style but it all depends on how you wish to see and use your bathroom. So when looking at choosing a vanity – you can ask yourself three questions:

  • What kind of basin suits your needs?
  • How much storage do you need?
  • How much space do you have in your bathroom?

Let’s start with how much space you have in your bathroom. Is it a large en suite or, a small guest toilet? Do you want something standard and simple or something different and customised? These answers may vary between bathrooms and that is okay. Looking for a standard vanity keeps options to a smaller scale which in some instances is perfect. But remember options are almost endless with suppliers like Duravit and Geberit who can customise vanities and cabinets to your liking, or Clear Cube who offer different colour options within ranges too.

One needs to know what kind of basin you require. A large shallow basin would be ideal for brushing teeth or washing your face and hands (possible for shaving too – if you don’t need to fill the basin). A smaller, deeper basin would be better suited if you need to fill it with water.

A basin integrated into the vanity might be slightly more affordable as well as easier to clean in most instances as some people don’t like having to clean around a counter top basin.

The shape of the basin might also be of importance. Is it a basin chosen to match a specific bath shape or is it a statement basin in an unusual shape or colour for a guest toilet? Countertop basins are popular and are linked to the more “modern” look, but this is merely a trend. A basin is for personal use and therefore should be a personal choice.

Ferreiras has many ranges of basins from the most reputable suppliers that allow for all different installations and many options for a sleek and modern bathroom vanity.

At Ferreiras you can find everything from “skinny” basins and cabinets for small spaces to “x-large” spacious vanities and cabinets for larger spaces, and pretty much everything in between.

Once again – options are endless! And if you are in doubt about choosing your vanity – Don’t forget that highly qualified and experienced in-house designers are available to help design your dream bathroom from start to finish!

Find out more at Ferreiras.


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