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Bathrooms Aug 14, 2021

Feminine touch bathroom with Jeeves

Think curved silhouettes.  Think soft colours. Think shiny, smooth surfaces. These are the graceful touches associated with the feminine aesthetic, bringing a gentle indulgence to the bathroom space.

However, although there are certain elements which lean more towards a male or female look, combining both curved with angular or shiny with matte is guaranteed to bring a sense of balance and interest to the room.

In celebration of Women’s Month, we take a look at 5 ways to bring a feminine touch to your bathroom.

1. Luxury

There is something essentially feminine about a luxe look which brings a sense of whimsical indulgence to the bathroom. While this can be achieved in many ways such as textiles which are soft to the touch, nothing says ‘indulgence’ quite like the Tangent Ladder L.  With horizontal bars set against a uniquely tapering silhouette, this heated towel rail provides the perfect space for those soft, fluffy towels, adding that luxurious, sumptuous feel to bath time, complete with being enfolded in the delicious warmth of a heavenly heated towel.

Jeeves Classic C Heated Towerl Rail

2. A touch of harmony

While curves is where it’s at when it comes to feminine decor charm in the bathroom, introducing masculine energy in the form of a shape or colour brings a yin yang essence which fills the room with harmony and balance.  When it comes to heated towel rails, nowhere is this more pronounced than with the Jeeves Quadro range. 

Encapsulating these differences perfectly with an angular more masculine frame set against the softer, circular curved inner tubes results in a mesmerising interaction of shapes, with both parts nourishing and complementing each other.  The result is an interconnected design where yin (feminine) meets yang (masculine), creating a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Jeeves Heated Ladder Rail

3. A splash of something bright

There’s nothing like colour to bring a sense of vibrancy into the bathroom.  And while muted colours may be thought of as feminine shades, there are no rules to say you can’t push the envelope with something more exciting.  In fact, when it comes to accent colors, warm metallics such as the antique rose gold of the Classic C bring a cosy warmth to the room. 

Creating a unique effect of an accent colour with eye-catching indulgence, this trending shade brings a modern sophistication, with the added benefit of deliciously warmed up towels to complete your bathroom experience.

Jeeves Quadro Six Black

4. Spa Spoiling

The fact that the bathroom is a place of serenity and relaxation almost makes the spa theme a default decor choice.  With a soft visual appeal and tranquil ambience, this theme promises to immerse you in a timeless serenity where all your worries melt away. 

Looking for an effortless way to make this a reality?  Look no further than the Tangent M.  This beauty is perfect for creating the sense of luxurious indulgence associated with the spa.  With a horizontal shelf for your inviting rolled up towels flowing into a vertical extension – you are spoilt for choice when it comes to topping off your bathtime with a toasty towel. 

Jeeves Tangent M Polished Stainless

 5. Modern Edge

Paintings are definitely part and parcel of the feminine bathroom.  And while there is a place for the more traditional works of art, who says you can’t up the ante with a beautifully modern objet d’ art in the form of the Spartan Boxx.  Drawing attention as your own personal collector’s item, this artistic creation brings a modern edge to the bathroom, balancing the feminine touch of a picture with the solid square masculine frame.  If you are looking for a sense of flair offset by a touch of glam, while definitely not forgetting the pampered indulgence of your warmed up towel, this gorgeous heated towel rail was made for you. 

Jeeves Spartan Boxx Heated Towel Rail

6 Wrapping up

Let’s face it, the bathroom is our place of precious time out.  So anything that is going to enhance this experience is something that we’re going to welcome.  With open arms.  With the promise of taking your bathroom relaxation up a notch or two, there is nothing quite like the undeniable charm of the soft decor elements of the feminine style. 

Add to this the blissful indulgence of towels warmed up to perfection, courtesy of your heated towel rail and you have the makings of your very own private sanctuary, giving you an exclusive share of your slice of heaven.


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