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Cobra recently launched the all-new bathroom sanitaryware range with the sole purpose of connecting everyday moments with bathroom fittings that speak to both consumer needs and desires, all while meeting the highest international quality standards.

The brand understands how daunting bathroom renovations can become and with most people spending a lot of time at home due to the pandemic, one can’t help but notice everything that needs improvement or even how the old toilet design takes ups too much space, making it difficult to achieve the desired modern minimalistic and spacious bathroom look and feel.

Following the launch, Cobra shares some valuable insight on concealed verses exposed toilet cisterns. Here’s what you need to know:


Concealed Cisterns are quite literally “hidden” within the wall or behind the tiling with only the flush plate mechanism revealing its location. They are ideal if you want to achieve that contemporary, minimalistic look, giving you that modern bathroom aesthetic.

And, while a concealed cistern offers a functional solution to smaller bathroom spaces, wall hung fittings paired with a concealed cistern helps to create the added illusion of even more space given the gap between the floor and “floating” toilet bowl. Complete with benefits including a quieter flushing experience, effortless cleaning, and water-saving dual-flush capability, toilets fitted with concealed cisterns create the ultimate bathroom sophistication.


These are more traditional toilet fittings supplied predominantly with Close Coupled Suites and some wall-hung toilet pans where the water tank, more formally referred to as the cistern, is placed at the back of the toilet bowl.

The ceramic cistern forms essentially what would be the backrest of the toilet suite, mounted on the wall and in open view. Fitted with a dual flush button or traditional handle flush mechanism, the exposed cistern facilitates a “flush” of water from the tank to the bowl. Cost-effective and accessible for any routine maintenance, parts replacement and repairs, exposed cistern fittings can also be manually refilled in the case of an interruption to your main water supply – and of course, should you need to shut off the water supply, this can quite easily be done by closing the tap beneath the cistern or inside the tank just under the lid.

With design enhancements applied to the all-new Cobra bathroom sanitaryware, each new range showcases a close coupled suite, complete with exposed cistern, together with a wall hung toilet option supplied with compatible concealed cistern in a similar design.

Get inspired and work on those bathroom renovations with ease with the new Cobra Arrive, Pause, Shelter and Welcome ceramics ranges where both the concealed and exposed cistern options are used within the toilet offering.

For more information on this perfect bathroom solution, visit the Cobra website


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