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Bathrooms Jun 15, 2024

Escape to the Throne Room: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift with Lecico

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to think outside the toolbox or sock drawer! This year, skip the gadgets and give Dad what he really wants: peace, quiet, and a good excuse to get away from the family craziness. Discover more with Lecico.

What to give the man who has it all? Think of the one room he spends the most time in, and the chair he spends the most hours on. Yes, you’ve got it, the white throne, where he chooses to escape family madness and be on his phone or tablet for, sometimes what feels like, hours on end.

We are talking about the Lecico’s Comfort Toilet, Dad’s new best friend.

A Quiet Getaway

Thanks to the soft close seat, Dad can sneak off to his sanctuary in the middle of the night without a sound. No more jarring slams to wake the kids or Mom. Perfect for those midnight retreats when Dad really has to go…play Candy Crush.

Extra Height, Extra Comfort

Lecico’s Comfort Toilets provide extra height, so whether Dad is tall or facing mobility challenges, he can get comfortable for a long evening of watching YouTube (or pretending to answer work emails while the kids yell on the other side of the door). After all, if Dad wanted to squat he’d be at the gym.

Even Mom Can’t Complain

Made from high-quality Vitreous China, these toilets offer exceptional durability and boast a sleek, modern design. With clean lines and a pristine white finish, they won’t clash with Mom’s aesthetic bathroom decor.  

Answering Nature’s Call

Eco-friendly and efficient, the top dual-flush cistern allows Dad to choose between a full or partial flush. It’s a budget-friendly and environmentally conscious choice, so when nature calls, Dad gives back.

An Unshakeable Sanctuary

With a pan weight of 19.9kg and a cistern weight of 12.32 kilograms, Lecico’s Comfort Toilets are built to last. Whether Dad’s running from an intense family gathering, or enjoying his “me-time” with the latest sports highlights, this toilet won’t budge. Even for a competitive game of Pokémon GO!

Let Lecico flush away your worries of ‘what-to-buy’ this Father’s Day. To explore our product range, contact Lecico at +27 (21) 531 9848 or visit our website.
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