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Bathrooms Feb 20, 2024

Duravit’s Jewel of the Atlantic Coast

Casa Dos Mores is a minimalistic cliff-side residence with an open architectural concept and exquisite bathroom facilities from Duravit. Here in Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal, you can experience a symbiosis of nature and architecture.

The fresh scent of the ocean, the calming sound of the waves, and the picturesque scenery of the Atlantic coast – this all sounds like the perfect vacation. However, this is no tourist destination, but rather the idyllic cliff-side residence known as Casa Dos Mores. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the charming home nestles on the cliffs with a clear view of the open ocean and the endless horizon. The topography not only provides shelter from the elements, but also from prying eyes. Characteristic of the Casa Dos Mores are the floor-to-ceiling windows that enclose the house on all but one wall, allowing it to merge with the surrounding landscape.

The design is the brainchild of Portugal-based architect Marlene Uldschmidt, whose exacting attention to detail was the key to realizing the project. “The power of nature was a central inspiration for this project. It’s a place to which people feel an immediate attraction that will last a lifetime,” said the architect. Uldschmidt selected the minimalistic Luv range in the bathroom in keeping with the contemporary and pared-down overall concept.

Transparency, light, and Luv

Marlene Uldschmidt masterfully integrated the rock formation into the architecture. So the entrance leads to the upper story and into the extensive, daylight-infused open kitchen, dining, and living area. The space exudes a natural and serene atmosphere, underlined by subtle accents such as gentle gray shades and fine wood. A staircase leads down from the entrance area to the light-filled bedrooms – including the master bedroom, which is linked directly to the bathroom. The delicate above-counter basins and the elegant bathtub from the Luv range are focal points in the bathroom. The pared-down, subtle design of the bathroom range blends perfectly into the overall concept and emphasizes the mellow ambience.

In harmony with nature

In view of the prime location and mild climate that invite an outdoor lifestyle to be enjoyed all year round, the architect paid special attention to the outside areas. With a private pool, open-air kitchen, welcoming fire pit, and cosy sitting area, the external areas of the project are the last word in luxurious living. The building’s refined, linear design language is another stand-out feature, and its striking roof is a particular design highlight. Angled toward an ancient pine, the roof’s peak symbolizes the symbiosis of nature and architecture.

Architect Marlene Uldschmidt also integrated sustainability-enhancing measures. With state-of-the-art technology such as a heat pump and an array of photovoltaic and solar panels, the house is completely self-sufficient.

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