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Bathrooms Dec 14, 2023

Duravit: Small Bathrooms with an Explosion of Colour

Unique wall concepts and colourful bathroom objects combine to create a strong design statement in small bathrooms featuring the latest from Duravit.

Small bathrooms with the “wow” factor

Popular restaurants, clubs, and hotels have been blazing the trail: intense colours, furnishings in rich tones, and homely wallpapers transform bathrooms into places full of character and charm. Creating a complete artwork within your own four walls not only takes courage, but also requires a “red thread” for a harmonious color scheme that runs throughout the room.

The guest bathroom as a calling card

Small room – big impact: the guest bathroom is the ideal place to express your own personality and experiment with colours. For example, bathroom objects in strong colours can be combined with expressive wall coverings that highlight an individual wall or smaller surface. Wallpapers with graphic designs or botanical patterns, selected tiles, or also coloured paints are especially well-suited in this context. Furnishing items, walls, floors, and decoration should always have a consistent colour harmony, be that tone-in-tone or combined with complementary colours. The selection process of individual elements or materials lends itself to experimentation with collages of materials and colours until the optimum and harmonious result is achieved.

Wallpapers as a stage for bathroom objects

Modern wallpapers with graphic designs or botanical patterns are like works of art – they lend rooms a certain vibrancy. Graham & Brown have brought about a veritable renaissance of wallpaper over recent years with their extraordinary colourful prints. The renowned British manufacturer of high-quality paint products and wall coverings works with a range of motifs from nature, graphic design, various textures, and luxurious gold accents – and shapes trends as a result. A wallpapered feature wall sets the stylistic scene for the whole bathroom, which more often than not is a small room.

Combined with neutral or complementary colours on the other walls, this forms the perfect backdrop for Duravit’s Vitrium bathroom objects with their reserved designs and intense matt colours.

Furniture, washbasin, toilet, and bathtub in strong colours

The Vitrium colour concept was curated by Christian Werner, who was also responsible for the formal design of the furniture and washbasins. The total of six colors make their presence felt without dominating and they harmonize perfectly with one another.

The colour palette can be divided into the three neutral shades Matt Light Gray, Matt Dark Gray, and Matt White as well as the three rich shades Matt Green-Blue, Matt Parlour Blue, and Matt Cinnamon. This broad range of choices ensures that the right tone can be found for any bathroom – from the minimalist designer bathroom through to the modern rustic style. “Color also determines how we perceive a product. It’s an emotion, because everyone responds to it differently. Multiple colours create a kind of color resonance, something that ideally creates a harmony. And colours for an interior can never be thought of in isolation, but always in the context of the room,” said Christian Werner.

Faucets and accessories define the look

It’s the small details that give the interior design the finishing touch. Duravit opens up additional design potential in the bathroom with faucets, showerheads, and accessories in five tasteful finishes. A classic chrome surface or thrilling Matt Black or PVD surfaces in Brushed Bronze, Brushed Stainless Steel, and Polished Gold can change the look of the entire bathroom.


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