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Bathrooms Jun 28, 2023

Duravit: SensoWash D-Neo – The Shower Toilet for Entry-Level Buyers

With the SensoWash® D-Neo series, Duravit offers a modern shower toilet for entry-level buyers – compact in shape and compact in price.


The SensoWash® D-Neo is an addition to the successful D-Neo bathroom series. With its straightforward, low-profile shape, it blends easily into any bathroom and goes well with all Duravit design series. Even with a moderate budget, you can make the dream of having your own designer bathroom with a shower toilet become a reality.

What can you expect?

• Compact, low-profile design easily blends into any space
• All of the technology fits inside the ceramics
• Matches all Duravit design series
• Complete shower toilet at a fair price
• Comfortable shower toilet with all essential functions
• Premium brand quality


The Duravit SensoWash® D-Neo RearWash cleans comfortably and reliably with a greater degree of hygiene and without any toilet paper. The water temperature and the intensity of the shower can be adjusted individually. The shower wand and shower head are automatically cleaned before and after each use.


A gentle shower of water in the SensoWash® D-Neo LadyWash provides optimal and gentle cleaning, which is designed to meet the needs of female users perfectly. The shower head and wand are automatically cleaned before and after each use here as well.

Comfort shower

The use of SensoWash® D-Neo is even more comfortable if you activate the comfort shower, where the shower wand also moves back and forth while using the RearWash or LadyWash.

Seat heater and Energy-saving mode

Using SensoWash® D-Neo is especially comfortable thanks to its integrated seat heater. This can be switched on and off as desired or can be activated and deactivated automatically at set times in order to save energy. In addition, the temperature of the toilet seat can be individually controlled.


The SensoWash® D-Neo has an illuminated inner basin, which makes it comfortable to use in the dark. This means that you can use your shower toilet at night without disrupting your body’s natural biorhythms with too bright a light.

Slow-close function

SensoWash® D-Neo by Duravit is also comfortable in all respects thanks to the slow-close function. With just a light tap, the toilet lid will close automatically – gently and quietly.


The descaling function keeps the performance of the SensoWash® D-Neo shower toilet from being impaired by the formation of limescale – even in areas with hard water.

Remote control

All SensoWash® D-Neo functions can be conveniently operated via remote control.

Duravit Rimless®

The rimless design of SensoWash® D-Neo also contributes to greater hygiene. This feature means that fewer residues can form on the ceramic, and it is much easier to clean as a result.


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