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Bathrooms May 19, 2020

Duravit Introduces HygieneGlaze 2.0

Duravit’s HygieneGlaze 2.0 inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Duravit’s HygieneGlaze 2.0 sets an unprecedented hygiene standard. After just six hours, 90% of the bacteria (such as escherichia coli) is killed. After 24 hours, 99.999% of the bacteria have been eliminated; an unprecedented level.

Baked into the ceramic and extending from the interior to the rim of the toilet or urinal, HygieneGlaze 2.0 is effective in the areas particularly susceptible to the accumulation of bacteria. Moreover, HygieneGlaze inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Whether at the workplace, sports facilities or airports, hygiene requirements are high in both public and semi-public buildings. This is why they are an essential part of the respective building concept. However, awareness of hygiene issues has not just increased in public areas but in the private sphere, too.

Bacteria in areas where hygiene is critical
Germs are omnipresent in our everyday lives. In particularly critical areas, such as hospitals, medical practices and nursing facilities, hygiene is an ongoing issue. The consistent use of disinfectant and hygiene measures helps to kill or inactivate microorganisms. Modern concepts combine the targeted use of sterilizing substances with preventive measures, including surface coatings.

Duravit’s research and development team has advanced the development of the innovative ceramic glaze HygieneGlaze which was launched on the ISH in 2015. HygieneGlaze 2.0 further improves the hygienic properties of the toilet. The new development is not a surface coating but an antibacterial ceramic glaze that provides almost indefinite effectiveness.

The optimized formula of HygieneGlaze 2.0 contains a new combination of metal ions and other active substances, which is particularly effective in eradicating bacteria like E. coli, for example. The effectiveness of the HygieneGlaze antibacterial properties has been scientifically proven by hygienic and microbiological tests performed by the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Bonn: the special glaze kills bacteria and germs.


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