Duravit: Creative Storage For a Modern Bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom, storage space is always a good idea – and structured storage space is even better!

A comfortable bathroom doesn’t need a lot of space – what matters are creative ideas and the right products. There are numerous different ways to create additional storage space in the bathroom and find a home for everyday bathroom items both large and small.

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The Perfect Vanity

Vanity units are true classics and can be found in almost every bathroom. These handy units mean that all bathroom utensils that you don’t want lying around can be stored in drawers or practical compartments.

L-Cube vanity unit

Organizer drawers

Organizer systems inside drawers not only keep things tidy, they also look great. You can achieve and feel a real sense of organisation when your bathroom storage is well planned and works for you! Start by organising those drawers!


Unified console system DuraStyle


Even shelves can work miracles when it comes to storage. Not only do they have the effect of creating space, they also allow apparently unusable areas to become useful. Wall areas are frequently overlooked or unused. Yet, wall-mounted shelves can create practical space for bottles, tubes or towels and also be used for decorative purposes.


New furniture L-Cube

Mirror Cabinets

Mirror cabinets are a real eye-catcher. These offer an additional light source and give the visual impression of a larger, more open room. They are also the perfect place for storing all manner of essential beauty accessories without dominating the room and as such are the ultimate all-rounder in the bathroom.

Whatever you bathroom needs, Duravit has a modern and stylish solution to help you maximise your storage.

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