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Bathrooms Feb 28, 2021

Discover The Self You Deserve With Hansgrohe’s PowderRain

In a world filled with day-to-day stresses and responsibilities, it’s often easy to lose sight of your own value. But the way we see ourselves is equally as important as the way we see others, and sometimes, we need to take a time out to be pampered and wash away all the negativity and stress. With hansgrohe’s PowderRain technology, you can gently splash those cares away with a water experience like none other.

Hand shower with PowderRain

Take a moment to appreciate yourself – who you are and what you have accomplished. Love your body and soothe your weary skin with relaxing, gentle microfine drops that envelope your body in a comforting cocoon. PowderRain creates a quiet, soothing and heavenly water experience – like winding down with your very own spa day at home. It’s the self-care you deserve in your most private space, and it will gently rejuvenate your senses as you retreat into the spray.

Hansgrohe Raindance Powder Rain.

Leave the World Behind

With PowderRain, you can leave the world behind and be transported to another place entirely. PowderRain spray nozzles have six fine outlets that mimic the feeling of a lush forest rain, whilst the three spray modes on the hand showers put variable pressure at your fingertips with the touch of a button. The overhead shower is available in generous 180mm and 240mm variations for perfect coverage that allows you to feel the microdroplets all over and it can easily be installed in the ceiling or the wall. Or, you can enhance your bath with a choice of PowderRain handshowers.

Escape into your own private relaxing retreat at home and feel that warm, safe sensation that takes you away from the real world. PowderRain is gentle and effective. The thousands of droplets rinse out shower gel and shampoo with ease and the new micro spray hardly produces any splash. That means less limescale build-up for less cleaning.

PowderRain spa at home

A Mere Whisper

Discover your own hideaway in the gentle forest rain with PowderRain’s extremely quiet and soothing spray. The experts at the hansgrohe sound laboratory have succeeded in considerably reducing the shower noise to a mere whisper. So, you can switch off completely during your daily body care routine.


Spoil yourself with a PowderRain shower

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water.

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