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Destinkt: How to Prep Your Bathroom for the Festive Season

The festive season is here! With the busiest time of the year upon us, guests are sure to be making their way to your home for the holiday festivities. Fear not, with these five tips, giving your bathroom a face-lift will most definitely make an impression. Soon enough, everyone will feel the festive spirit.


The Festive Season proves to be a lively time of year. From shopping to decorating and expecting your favourite guests. Give your bathroom some added sparkle. These five tips will not only help you breathe life back into your home but also aid you in preparation for future guests for all occasions.

Pampering is a must!

A trip to the bathroom usually implies ‘freshening up’. So why not allow your guests to do just that. Adding a few useful necessities such as hand lotions, cotton pads, and eau de toilettes allows your guests to feel comfortable and refreshed. Create space for these items by using the space available on shelves and vanities. Sirene has a wide range of vanities in multiple styles that are offered in different colour ranges and finishes. Each vanity is subsequently minimalistic yet classy in its design. Perfect for displaying toiletries in style.

Mood lighting

There is no worse feeling than trying to bathe in a shower or bathtub of a bathroom that is poorly lit. Enhancing the lighting in your bathroom allows your accessories to glisten. It subsequently livens up your interior. Natural sunlight and overhead fixtures are a must. However, there are other ways to introduce light into your bathroom – such as illuminated mirrors. BAGNODESIGN has a wide range of mirrors in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Furthermore, the Briglia range offers an illuminated mirror. This is available with a touch sensor and straps to fashionably hang the mirror.

Touchless and ease of use

With so many guests visiting this festive season, the upkeep of your bathroom can be tiresome. Invest in a touchless soap dispenser or toilet with a touchless flushing mechanism. This subsequently ensures that your bathroom remains hygienic for longer. BAGNODESIGN offers touchless flush plates and self-flushing urinals. Furthermore, these are available in multiple finishes to complement your interior. A great way to maintain the continuity of design in your bathroom.


Out with the old, in with the new

With renovation season on the horizon, it is time to throw out that old chrome three-tap-hole faucet we have all grown up with. Instead, let’s introduce a new addition to your bathroom. Invest in a lifelong-top-quality basin and bath mixer. This subsequently ensures that you will not need to replace or refurbish it over the years. The Toko range from BAGNODESIGN offers a wide variety of faucets in multiple finishes. This includes Matt Black, Chrome, Anthracite, Brushed Nickel, and a striking Gold, giving you the luxury of choice. Not only will these products stand the test of time but also add a flair of modernity to your bathroom interior.

Cater for everyone

The last tip to getting your bathroom ready for the festive season is ensuring that your bathroom is well-suited to everyone’s needs. Some enjoy a long soak in a bathtub, and some get equal satisfaction from a refreshingly hot shower. Why not cater to both by having a tub-shower combo in your bathroom that will also save up space? BAGNODESIGN has the perfect solution for you with a range of shower columns that are available in multiple designs and finishes. Spruce up your interior by having this accessory installed above your bathtub, allowing you to transform your bathing space to everyone’s preference.

Bathrooms are the heart of every home and giving attention to the finer details can be a game-changer for you this festive season. Follow these five simple steps and watch your home become an inviting space for your guests, not only for this festive season but for every season to come.

Transform your bathroom this festive season. For more visit Destinkt.

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