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Your Sanctuary with Mosaico Vero’s Lush Bathroom Vanities – A Symphony of Luscious Minimalism

Extraordinary designs made with the highest level of quality, the latest collection, the Lush Bathroom range by Mosaico Vero, is a celebration of mindful minimalism meticulously crafted with care.

This exquisite collection epitomises modern luxury, offering four distinct designs that seamlessly blend simplicity with sophistication. View the entire Lush Bathroom range on our website: Mosaico Vero


The Juicy design, a petite 470x610x520mm, embodies the essence of mindful minimalism with its vertical fluted texture and matte finish. Available in white and grey, this compact wall-mounted vanity features 2 cabinet doors and a glossy white ceramic basin, adding elegance to any space. For those seeking a fusion of natural beauty and contemporary design, the Savvy design at 810x480x510mm boasts a drawer system cabinet in oak and walnut finishes. Paired with a glossy white ceramic basin, it’s a perfect choice for a modern, nature-inspired aesthetic.


Delicious, at 470x810x470mm, offers a single large drawer system with a fluted matte texture, available in white, grey, jade green, and night blue. The glossy ceramic basin complements the design, making it ideal for those who appreciate a bold and vibrant approach to minimalism. Crocky, the grandest of all, at 1300x850x580mm, introduces a brushed gold strip above and below the cabinet, minimalist brushed gold legs, and a fluted matte texture, available in white, jade green, and night blue. The sintered stone counter and single basin contribute to a natural and luxurious ambiance, perfect for those with a taste for opulence.


Whether your interior design style leans towards modern, Scandinavian, or even transitional aesthetics, the Lush Bathroom vanities effortlessly integrate into various design themes. The clean lines, bold colors, and beautiful textures make these vanities adaptable to a range of interior design styles, creating a balance between functionality and aesthetics. All Lush Bathroom vanities feature a soft-close mechanism, spacious interiors, easy-to-clean and maintenance-free basins, and are constructed with top-notch waterproof MDF. Lush Bathroom collection – where mindful minimalism meets timeless sophistication.


Design your bathroom with Mosaico Vero. Design your bathroom with opulent style!

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