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Treat yourself to a Jeeves heated towel rail this winter

The start of winter, bringing in the cold mornings gives the perfect excuse to pamper yourself with the delightfully decadent experience of warmth, courtesy of a Jeeves Heated Towel Rail.

In this article we take a look at the 5 reasons to spoil yourself with a Jeeves Heated Towel Rail this winter.

  1. Warm Towels

A heated towel rail provides a seamless experience from your hot shower or bath to the  sublime enjoyment of wrapping yourself up in a cosy towel.  No matter how cold it may be outside, you can rest assured that your heated towel rail will keep you wonderfully warm.

  1. Dry Towels

Of course, we understand that you need the extra comfort of a constantly dry towel, which is why Jeeves has designed tubular horizontal railings which maximise drying your towels as quickly as possible.  This ensures that your warm, toasty towels are ready and waiting for you 24/7 – rain or shine.

Jeeves Torcello – Black

  1. Beautiful design

Our surroundings can often impact on our mood, which can be enhanced by the sleek design of the heated towel rail, creating a feel of luxury in the bathroom.  As a sophisticated bathroom accessory, this streamlined design brings a sense of the aesthetic, ushering in a definitive charm to transform the bathroom space into an oasis of pampering.

  1. Colour

If you’re looking to liven up your bathroom and bring a sense of summer cheer, then colour is a perfect place to start.  Adding a fluffy towel to your heated towel rail with a bright colour of your choice, will definitely bring a vibrancy to the room, enhancing your bathroom experience and even taking your mood up a notch or two.

Jeeves Classic C

  1. Simply put, you deserve it

After a long day, there is nothing nicer than treating yourself to a relaxing time out, letting go of the cares of the day on bubbles of bliss. Take this one step further with the heavenly experience of a warm towel and you round off your bathroom experience on a new level of well-deserved relaxation.

Wrapping up

However you look at it, the heated towel rail plays a role in transforming your bathroom into a cosy haven, while inspiring an elegant look in the room.  And with different models to suit your taste and bathroom design, you get to have the best of both worlds – treating yourself to the delightful warmth of a heated towel while having the experience of being spoilt for choice at the same time.

Jeeves Quadro P

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