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FINDING THE SYNERGY with MOT’s various surfaces

Welcome to a new era in interior design, where Max on Top® is redefining the boundaries with its range of decorative surface products. Tailored for architects and designers, Max On Top® offers a wide range of décor surfaces that not only enrich the visual appeal but also the functionality of any space.

Today, the spotlight shines on their VIS and Tuet collections, which harmonize the essence of durability with texture.

VIS Collection: Robustness with a Tactile Edge.

The VIS collection represents a leap forward in surface design, integrating organic mineral elements for superior durability and unique textures for a tactile experience. These surfaces are designed for endurance, with a wear resistance that significantly outperforms standard HPL by up to 20 times, enabling spaces to remain beautiful and functional for an extended duration. The VIS range showcases five premium finishes and twenty distinctive décors, each designed to stir the imagination.


Above: A perfect example of VIS in a bathroom setting, the combination of the Alevé finish in the Nyame décor heightens the tactile journey. The Oya décor in Mika finish adds a shimmery stone look, and the Verde Celandon décor in Kèr finish, with Bloom technology, introduces a serene pastel ambiance.

Tuet Collection: A Dance of Light and Dark Shadows.

In contrast, the Tuet collection is a symphony of waves, weaving together visual and tactile elements to produce a captivating effect. Its signature pattern plays with light and dark shadows, creating a living canvas that shifts beautifully as the day progresses. The wood grain textures enhance the sensory journey, offering a delicate touch to the wave-like design. With two colour choices—CARAVELLA LIGHT – 4644 and CARAVELLA DARK—Tuet is an ideal choice for any area, be it a bathroom or a living room.


Above: A perfect application of Tuet’s charm is seen in a bathroom vanity project, where its deep, textured surfaces add a layer of depth and personality. The rhythmic design set against a bold green creates a captivating visual narrative, fostering a space of harmony and textured beauty.

More Information About VIS And TUET?

Contact South African distributor, MAX ON TOP®Max On Top® is committed to providing exceptional service and catering to the needs of local designers and architects. From worktops to doors, furniture to lift interiors, MAX ON TOP® offers a wide range of decorative surfaces for both residential and commercial purposes.

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