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Bathrooms Sep 25, 2023

Here’s how to pick the perfect shade of blue for your bathroom according to WOMAG.

Synonymous with water, tranquillity and cleanliness, it’s no surprise that blue is a favourite hue for bathrooms and at-home spas.

But with thousands of shades available, from deep cerulean to baby blue, how do you know you’ve got the right colour?

To help, here the team from WOMAG shares their top pick for the perfect shade of blue for your bathroom.

“We understand how overwhelming it could be to choose the perfect vanity top for your bathroom. Perhaps you’re dreaming of making a statement, but you’re hesitant because you don’t want your choice to be outdated in one or a few years. Well, fear not! With our three decades (yes, three decades!!) of experience, we understand your predicament and we’re here to help!

“Consider the broad appeal of the blue colour chart. You might not think it is for you, but the design possibilities for a blue bathroom are endless. Think deep blue hues reminiscent of a beach resort or sapphire tones that are rich and sophisticated.

“A vibrant blue-toned marble slab, like our Shadow Blue, brings freshness to the bathroom. Delicate yet eye-catching, this wall cladding is perfect for bathrooms. It creates a luxurious mother-of-pearl look when combined with white cabinets.

“Our Shadow Blue marble slab embodies calming and balancing energy while giving you the feeling of being close to the ocean.”

The soft blue marble has light white veins running through it, making it the perfect timeless choice for both contemporary and classic bathroom designs.

“Our Shadow Blue has a natural coolness that delivers a refined element to any space. Its inherently unique appearance, blue hues of feature, and simplicity of care make it an exquisite choice for your home.”




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