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Bathrooms Aug 15, 2020

Hansgrohe: The Movement Is Growing Greener

Hansgrohe has started 2020 with no qualms about what this year, and the future, means for the company. Green has become an oft-used word and is the driving force behind some of Hansgrohe’s recent projects, like Operation EcoWarrior – their drive to become Sustainable by Design.

But as an industry-leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings, Hansgrohe’s goals cannot live in isolation, as the powerhouse provides their wares to constructions of all shapes and sizes.

Veni, Vidi, Vici, Verde

Enter Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport, the first hotel in Africa to offer 100% offset carbon-neutral accommodation and conferencing. The hotel was designed with sustainability at its core, employing green principles, processes and measures to ensure that all operations are eco-friendly and are continually assessed for improvement.

In this time of uncertainty with the progression of the global COVID-19 outbreak, Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport assures you that your safety and comfort, as always, remain their highest priority. They have implement processes to ensure that when they welcome guests, it is done so in the safest way possible for you and for their staff.

Champions of Water

Hansgrohe’s ethos of being ‘Champions of Water’ has been emulated by the Verde Hotel, as inside one will find low-flow fittings on all taps and shower heads. These take the form of the Hansgrohe Decor range, one of the company’s most sophisticated product lines, known for its smooth contours and pragmatic interaction.

The Hotel uses a grey-water recycling system which saves an average of 6 000 litres a day. The new dual-flush toilets are supplied with biologically recycled grey water from showers and baths.

Rainwater is collected in a 40 000 litre steel tank in the basement, which feeds the hotel’s water-saving drip irrigation system. This means that landscapes are irrigated with non-potable water.

Partners Who Care

“Hansgrohe continues to partner up with places like Verde Hotel Cape Town Airport in our continued and committed drive toward being sustainable by design. The Verde Hotel is a fantastic example of how Hansgrohe and its partners can achieve real change,” says David Cooper, Marketing Director of Hansgrohe SA.

Hansgrohe is not shy in its challenge to corporates and companies to adopt similar practices in going Green and helping achieve net zero in the long run.


Because now is the time of the EcoWarriors.

Hansgrohe. Sustainable by Design!

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