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Graff creating a tranquil atmosphere in the bath space

The idea of creating a tranquil atmosphere in the bathroom often brings thoughts of relaxing in a deep tub surrounded by soft lighting and soothing music. But a tranquil ambiance in the bathroom doesn’t have to be limited to the bathtub. Beautiful bathroom designs can create an atmosphere of serenity with mesmerizing aesthetics. Let’s find out how you can achieve this with the latest from Graff, now available through Maharani Tiles.

A sense of peace comes from confidence in the reliability, durability, and functionality of expertly engineered bath fixtures. This is the philosophy embodied by GRAFF’s Art of Bath collections, a captivating blend of aesthetics, design excellence, the highest-quality materials, and precision engineering.

The new collections

GRAFF’s Bali Collection pays homage to the tranquility of Bali’s famed wellness resorts with a retro tropical design, while the Harley Collection, inspired by the classic American motorcycles, offers sleek industrial contours that channel the freedom and peace of mind of the open road.

With soothing clean lines, graceful curves, and slender planes, GRAFF’s Incanto Collection is a paean to the quiet, graceful art of diving. The new Incanto Arté Collection catches the eye with knurled handles in geometric patterns that mesmerize and shimmer in precious metal finishes.

Bath Collections Inspired by Nature

The Ametis bath collection adorns the bath space with a museum-worthy design that conveys a sense of motion, inspired by the calming movement of waves. Also inspired by nature and instilling the sense of tranquility that elements of the natural world can bring, GRAFF’s Luna Collection captivates and calms with a sleek curved silhouette mirroring the shape of the crescent moon.

GRAFF’s Terra Collection celebrates the simplicity of natural forms, while the Sade Collection is inspired by waterfalls and the gentle patter of rainfall, and the Immersion Collection’s profile recalls a bird in flight.

Freestanding Bathtubs and Sublime Sinks

GRAFF’s bathtubs and sinks invite blissful indulgence, harmonizing with the artful designs of GRAFF’s bath fixture collections. They’re crafted from Sleek-Stone®, comprised of 75% natural dolomite minerals bonded with a unique resin to create a naturally durable material. Classical curves are reflected in the bathtubs, sinks, fixtures, and shower systems of the Camden Collection, which includes a deep-soaking

GRAFF’s Ametis Collection in a Polished 24K Gold finish freestanding tub with a depth of 18.5 inches for relaxing full-body immersion. A more minimalist design is represented by the Tephi and Musa sinks and bathtubs, which pair well with GRAFF’s contemporary fixture collections including Phase and M.E.

Spa-like Shower Systems

Creating a serene, spa-like experience with its award-winning design, GRAFF’s Aqua-Sense shower offers chromotherapy with LED lights in six colors, as well as hydrotherapy, and music therapy. Further enhancing relaxation, GRAFF’s shower systems also offer soothing rain shower and waterfall flows, as well as swivel body sprays to help target tension in key areas.

Maharani Tiles & Bathrooms provides complete luxury bathroom solutions under one roof to the South African market. A vast collection of wall tiles, floor slabs and bathroom products are available, imported from Europe and Asia and on par with international trends.

Visit Maharani Tiles & Bathrooms to discover more and find the latest from GRAFF.

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