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Duravit: Working Wonders 

Relax in style: immerse yourself in the health-promoting, feel-good effects of bathing with the perfect bathtub from Duravit.

The freestanding oval bathtub from the Soleil range by Philippe Starck

With the days getting shorter, colder, and less clement, it is hardly surprising that the urge to round off the day with a warm, cozy bath is especially strong – and rightly so! A long bath in the right atmosphere not only generates a unique wellness effect, but also offers a range of health benefits. Duravit, the complete bathroom manufacturer, offers a broad portfolio of different bathtub models so everyone can enjoy the positive attributes of taking a bath. The dream of your very own bathtub can come true in rooms of almost any size.

Wellness mode in the home bathroom

A bathtub may be a freestanding, central element in the bathroom, a compact space-saving design solution, or harmoniously integrated as a built-in variant. Duravit’s bathtub portfolio includes a range of different series – from the entry-level model through to the designer bathtub – available in various versions and dimensions. The bathtub is the finishing touch to a bathroom’s individual and practical design, be that as a family-friendly or sophisticated variant, made from easy-clean sanitary acrylic or the soft-touch cast mineral material DuroCast.

Reap the health benefits for yourself

There is plenty of evidence that a warm bath not only does you good, but also has various health benefits: for example, bathing in warm water eases muscle tension, which can offer relief after physical exertion. As well as the muscles, a bath can also benefit the joints: the water reduces the pressure on the joints, which can alleviate pain, especially when combined with the pleasant warmth.

A warm bath can also promote circulation by expanding blood vessels, which in turn ensures better distribution of nutrients and oxygen around the body. Inhaling the warm steam in a bath can soothe respiratory conditions, especially during cold season. Of course, any added extra that enhances wellbeing is encouraged – a book, a magazine, relaxing music or an audio book. After all, an enjoyable bath releases endorphins – nature’s stress inhibitors.

The mini-bathtub from the D-Neo series by Bertrand Lejoly measures just 1600 x 750 mm,

Five tips for the ideal bathing experience:

1. The recommended water temperature is 36-38°C – pleasantly warm but without putting too much strain on the circulation.
2. In addition to the relaxing atmosphere, a bath with skin-friendly additives that prevent the skin from drying out is particularly pleasant. Oils such as almond and jojoba oil are ideal for a relaxing and nurturing bath.
3. A bath cannot influence the course of a cold, but it can soothe respiratory symptoms if essential oils and steam are inhaled while bathing.
4. And even better: bathing strengthens the immune system! This means taking a bath can proactively ward off colds.
5. 20 minutes are ideal! This is enough time to warm yourself up and relax without putting too much strain on the circulation.

The Duravit No. 1 trapeze-shaped bathtub in the lower price segment is made from easy-clean sanitary acrylic – the ideal entry point into the world of Duravit bathtubs.

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