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Bathrooms Dec 12, 2020

Duravit: Precision in Perfection

Whether square, round, or oval – Duravit bathroom series meet exacting standards when it comes to precision.

A key factor here is not only the design aspect itself, but also translating that into a serial production process. This unique exactness is the product of sophisticated technologies such as c-bonded and c-shaped and special materials such as the innovative material DuraCeram®. Attention to detail and the care with which each individual piece is developed and manufactured are the finishing touches to this precision in perfection.

Unique combination of ceramics and furniture with c-bonded

“Creating an accurate connection between ceramic and wood has long been a challenge. With c-bonded and c-shaped, we push perfection to the very limit,” said Christian Gilles, factory manager for manufacturing operations in Hornberg, Germany, and Bischwiller, France. The c-bonded process – unique anywhere in the world – deploys a complex process to combine the ceramic of the furniture washbasin and the furniture surface of the vanity unit to produce a perfect whole.

“The manufacturing process is very demanding as the ceramic deforms and every little ripple in direct connection with the wood can be seen,” said Christian Gilles, explaining the challenge for manufacturing. Duravit has optimized the procedure for Happy D.2 Plus, enabling the process to be used on a round ceramic for the first time. Thanks to the exact and precise bonding technique, the ceramic and furniture merge to form a single unit.

c-shaped – the next stage of precision

Duravit drove forward the development of the patented c-bonded technology especially for Happy D.2 Plus. Christian Gilles again: “We wanted to achieve the same level of precision with a ceramic front as we achieve with the wooden front on c-bonded. The outcome is called c-shaped. This means the customer can opt either for a ceramic or furniture look.”

During the process, which is unique anywhere in the world, the ceramic basin is manufactured completely from DuraCeram® and worked using a special process which guarantees that the ceramic washbasin and furniture run in perfectly parallel lines with no overhang or recess, producing a precise gap of 4 mm.

Precise geometry and organic forms – What a Viu!

“From clear definition through to gentle curves – unmistakable transitions are characteristic of Viu/XViu” – this is how factory manager Christian Gilles described the series by Duravit and sieger design. He added: “They are features on all products of the series: we see them for example on the washbasin in the connection between the clear tap platform and the basin or on the bathtub from the edge of the tub to the inner wall. This produces a harmonious overall picture.” Recurring design elements such as the v-shaped side profiles are characteristic of the entire Viu/XViu program and produce a perfect straight-lined look from every angle.

Precise edges thanks to an innovative ceramic formula

State-of-the-art firing processes and glazing techniques increase precision and produce an ever-more elegant design. The challenge in the manufacture of washbasins is to be able to realize thin edges while maintaining the same level of robustness.

Precise rims that are just five millimeters thick can be created with the material DuraCeram®. The patented material guarantees extreme accuracy and high strength. This results in an extraordinary design, without compromising on quality, robustness or ease of care.

The oval above-counter wash bowls of the series Luv by Cecilie Manz are a stylish element with a fine rim thickness of just 5 mm and a generously sized inner basin.

The unprecedented perfection of the Duravit series is fascinating. With precision and impressive detailing, the designer bathroom manufacturer guarantees high-quality, long-lasting products that also inspire thanks to their extraordinary design. Precision in perfection!

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