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DADOquartz pure luxury

Next-level luxury.

Made from quartz ore and Southern African earth minerals, DADOquartz offers discerning homeowners the next level of luxury in bathroom design.

“The significant difference of DADOquartz lies in the details. We use superior resins as binding agents for a more consistent and stronger result, and to allow for higher quarts concentrations,” explains the company.

Founded in 1998, the company manufactures both bathtubs and basins of superior quality in both classic and contemporary styles. This includes the first hand-shaped tub made from DADOquartz, the Acanthus, to their latest design: the Liberty bathtub and matching basin, which is available in six signature colours.

“DADOquartz is backed by two decades of skills and experience. We use a combination of handcraft and automation to create DADOquartz from the finest natural components. DADOquartz is so superior and solid that no topcoat is required to hide any imperfections – delivering a hygienic tub or basin that will never age. You can truly trust our lifetime warranty,” says the company.

Apart from a lifetime warranty, DADOquartz products also offer various other advantages. The products are UV-resistant, non-porous, stain and scratch resistant, resistant to bacterial growth, easy to clean and maintain, shaped to provide optimum comfort and support, and offer excellent heat retention.

In addition to its existing range of baths and basins, available in 12 standard colours, the company can also customise any item to reflect a client’s style vision.

“The bathtub is the most intimate and personal part of your bathroom. Your private sanctuary. DADOquartz bathtubs strive to awaken and enhance these emotions and promote your well-being. Our expert in-house design team can translate and bring these concepts to life. Using state-of-the-art technology, we produce our very own molds, giving us a significant advantage in turnaround time and cost in a highly stringent international market. Our ability to customise is unparalleled and often an integral part of many projects. Our objective is for each design to be ‘Destinkt,’” concludes the company.



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