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Cobra: Bathroom & Kitchen Routines and Rituals

Cobra collaborates with South African influencers to share interesting bathroom and kitchen routines and rituals.

We are all aware of the cleansing, healing, and relaxing properties of water. We know how taking a long bath to soothe away worries and stress is often the trick to a better night sleep. And yes, magical baths are becoming more and more popular in modern spirituality for a good reason! Whatever your reason for following a particular ritual to getting ready for your day or evening, Popular household brand Cobra in partnership with South African architectural, lifestyle and mommy bloggers explored the importance of modern technology when choosing the perfect bathroom and kitchen assets to fit in our daily lives.

 The strict lockdown regulations faced in 2020 forced many of us to stay and work from home, changing the norm of morning rush hour – whether it was a routine or a ritual, those moments of making coffee or tea before you dash out to beat the morning traffic, or cooking with your partner and playing baker-baker with your kids to bound after a hectic day of work.

The time spent at home made many of us analyse our spaces, identify what needs a bit of renovation whether it be a new paint colour to brighten up the space or new bathroom and kitchen accessories to complement your home.

A Collab With SA Influencers

Cobra partnered with Ntokozo Majozi and Phumeza Langa to get some insight on what routine or ritual means in their everyday lives. Majozi is a Durban-based professional architect, lifestyle, and travel influencer. Known for his sharp eye for the simple details that transform interior spaces, Majozi shares how post the strict lockdown regulations, clients are now looking at designing or renovating their kitchen and bathrooms not just based on functionality but creating spaces that will bring about a sense of peace, healing, tranquillity or that perfect escape out of their everyday lives.

Late last year, Cobra launched a revolutionary virtual showroom that makes it easier for architects such as Majozi to advise clients on the perfect sanitaryware to achieve their dream kitchen and bathroom designs.

Cobra also partnered with Phumeza Langa, the founder and host of #SisterhoodHour, a content creator and podcaster that loves sharing real life matters and challenges faced by many hardworking and driven women in various paths of life.

For Langa, routine or ritual means taking the time to find ways that help with taking care of immediate responsibilities without taking on too much strain. It is in creating processes that keep her sane and productive all while giving her best to her young family. Through routines, she can ensure that dinner is ready on time and with a little help from Cobra’s new asset, a brochure titled ‘Not Another Brochure’ she manages to get some inspiration and ideas on prepping some delicious and quick meals for her family to enjoy.

Joining in the conversation, is Aisha O’Reilly, an award-winning mommy blogger, host of The Whole Mama Show podcast, wife, mother of two boys and businesswoman. Aisha shares how routine or ritual acts evolve over time and become an integral part of our identities.

The focus on routines and rituals comes from the ways in which water cleanses, heals and relaxes us daily. “We all have routines and rituals, particularly in the mornings and evenings, that are usually conducted in our bathrooms and kitchens,” says Corrie Stride, Leader: Marketing at LIXIL Africa. “through these conversations, we explore how choosing the best bathroom and kitchen fittings, accessories & finishes can help to enhance these important moments in our lives.”

We are all spending more time at home and thus “the pandemic has forced us to reconsider not only how we care for ourselves, but also the moments created when we engage with the different spaces in our homes,” adds Stride. “We want to use our partnerships and social platforms to address and discuss these moments, and to uncover why they are critical to us? and our families’ health and happiness.”

Cobra’s partnership with key South African influencers, and its rich and enlightening content, is just another way in which the brand is here for you.

Be sure to follow the conversations and content on the LIXIL Africa website and social media platforms.



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