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Bathrooms Jul 10, 2024

Blending Stone and Style for a Warm Minimalist Interior with Cosentino

The design term ‘minimalism’ may automatically make one think of traditional minimalism, with stark white surfaces, almost clinically cool lighting, and modern finishes in unobtrusive tones of grey. However, as trends evolve and lifestyles change, we’ve seen a transformation away from tradition toward the comfort and simplicity of warm minimalism.

Warm minimalism embraces the basic elements of minimalism while blending softer aesthetics to create a space that’s both elegant and inviting. Cosentino’s range of stone surfaces lends itself to creating warm, welcoming interiors, without being ostentatious.


Dekton Umber

Here’s how to design warm minimalist interiors, using serene stone surfaces and a cultivated sense of sophistication and style:

  1. Use tranquil tones. Neutral colours like beige, ivory and soft grey are the hallmarks of minimalist design. Use a gentle beach-sand cream stone surface, like Cosentino’s Silestone Yukon, to form the foundation of calm for your interior.
  2. Invite nature indoors.
    Nothing harmonises and complements your interior stone surfaces like the beauty of Mother Earth herself. By accessorising your space with natural elements, like indoor plants and wooden features, you can bring the outdoors in for a room that’s restful and reinvigorating.
  3. Maximise natural light.
    Light-coloured stone surfaces, like Cosentino’s Dekton Arga, reflect natural light and enhance the warmth of your room. Make the most of large windows and lightweight window dressings to allow ample natural light into your interior.
  4. Brave warm accents.
    What would warm minimalism be without warm tones? Use the cosy colouring of wood, brass or copper to complement fresh minimalist surfaces, or try a courageous Cosentino Dekton Umber feature to give your room an authentic, earthy feel.
  5. Quality over quantity.
    The mantra of minimalist is less is more. By choosing functional multi-purpose furniture and minimising clutter, you can shift the focus to the superior finishes and features that give your room its personality of prestige.

Silestone Yukon

Cosentino’s timelessly elegant Dekton and Silestone surfaces are the ultimate minimalist indulgence for those seeking high-quality surfaces and feature walls that don’t distract from an interior’s flawless design. Adaptable and mesmerising, each colour and pattern evokes warmth and movement, elevating the sense of modernity and minimalism in your space.


Dekton Arga

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