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Bathrooms Apr 10, 2023

Salone Del Mobile & Fuorisalone Presents GESSI “Haute Culture”

Since its founding in 1992, in just a few years, GESSI has been able to achieve the highest standards in terms of the project, manufacture and aesthetic quality in the creation and production of what until that time, were considered purely functional elements.

The identification of evernew solutions which is in the company‘s DNA, today the epitome of Made in Italy in the world, has given impetus to the entire sector and pushes it to improve itself once again by bringing innovative ideas to the market.

An intimate space of living

This is how GESSI’s “haute culture” enters the most intimate space of living with the new collections that will be previewed at the Milan Design Week, from April 17 to 23. This year, the company will be the protagonist with a double presence at the Salone del Mobile and at the fuorisalone event in its Milan showroom.


GESSI will be present inside the new Design pavilion, in the year of Euroluce, identifying the overcoming of industry barriers and entering the lifestyle world in its own right, surrounded by the most prestigious brands of design furniture. For GESSI, “haute culture” is the expression of the utmost experimentation in terms of material, shape and technique, for the creation of a new cultural value.

The beauty of its creations is inspired by nature, starting with the water that shapes each element.

The layout at the Salone, as well as at CASA GESSI and in the GESSI LOUNGE, will be characterized by a welcoming atmosphere, almost as if it were an embrace toward guests.

Spaces to be experienced, in which to share moments of relaxation and pleasure, exclusively dedicated to conveying the company’s values, first and foremost hospitality, will emphasize how much of a priority for GESSI is the allaround wellbeing of people.

Nature enters the lounge, the result of the expansion of the groundlevel surface of CASA GESSI MILANO, from the garden of the Fondazione Trivulzio, one of the hidden places unknown to the most, that make the city special, especially in the eyes of foreigners. Its privileged location makes it a landmark of the Milanese lifestyle and the place to discover The Private Wellness philosophy, the payoff of the brand.

Though, the project that best tells of the soul of GESSI, its idea of private wellness and its desire to create an exclusive experience, is the Project Boutique, for ad hoc consulting with a sartorial approach that invites guests to touch the quality of the creations.

As many as four stations each of them equipped with a glasstop chest of drawers from which to pull out models, materials and finishes from all the collections with gloves, as in a jewellery store, emphasise the sensory experience. Leather mats and gloves make the customer feel inside an atelier where the artefact becomes a longlasting, exclusive, exciting product to be handled with the utmost delicacy and attention like a precious jewel. In this way, every detail is enhanced, especially the tactile refinement of each creation. Project Boutique reflects the ultimate experiential expression to enhance GESSI’s creations, which, together with the materials and finishes, become the starting point of the room’s design.

The choice of the collection is made in a context combining at the same time attention and relaxation while sipping a cup of tea or a good coffee with inspiring scents. As Gian Luca Gessi points out, “For us, it is fundamental to focus on the experiences that people live. In an unusual way, they are brought toward the exaltation of the main subject of the most intimate space, both at the level of aesthetic and sensory design, through the regenerating element of water.”

This experience can be lived at the Salone del Mobile (Hall 4, F09G06) and at CASA GESSI MILANO where, in a welcoming and refined atmosphere inspired by nature, the source of pure beauty, the customer will be welcomed, invited to sit, listen to, creating a unique moment in order to present all the tools of the GESSI experience and to talk about new projects.


Visit Classic Luxury  Gessi Boutique to view the collection.

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