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Designer tips to personalise your bathroom space from Jeeves Heated Towel Rails

Welcome to your oasis of tranquillity:  your bathroom – a sacred haven where you get to shut out the noise of the world, immersing yourself in a realm of serene relaxation. In this space, there’s no need to settle for the ordinary; here you can infuse your personal style, making this space your very own! Wondering where to start? Jeeves shares 5 designer tips to do just that, helping you to transform your bathroom into a personalised retreat where you can unwind and recharge each day.

  1. Express yourself.
    Think of your bathroom as a blank canvas where you can unleash your creativity and artistic talent. This means adding your personal stamp with unique décor pieces that reflect your inner world while bringing a touch of glam to the room too.A surefire way to do this is by adding a trendsetting look such as the Tangent L heated towel rail – a captivating design with tapering vertical edges, presenting a sophisticated version of the regular ladder. This beauty not only elevates the room’s style quotient, it also adds a pampering dimension with wonderfully warmed up towels, making a bold statement that’s uniquely you.

2. Your private oasis.
The bathroom is a space to let go of the cares of the day. A place of soft soap suds and soothing relaxation. Sink into your own private sanctuary of relaxation with indulgent details like the eye-catching Tangent X heated towel rail from Jeeves.  This gravity defying heated towel adds visual interest to the room while enveloping you in luxurious warmth, turning every bathroom time into your blissful escape.

3. Create a space for pampering.
The bathroom is the perfect place to create an idyllic ambience of luxury with the minimalist elegance of the Spartan I heated towel rail soothing the senses with the simplicity of its design. Here you can create your cocoon of calmness with simple geometric shapes and clean lines of the well-spaced horizontal bars providing a luxurious sense of spaciousness. Add to this the delight of wrapping yourself in a gently warmed towel and you have the makings of an unforgettable time.

4. Add a splash of colour.
Harness the power of your favourite colour to create the ambience of your choice. This powerful element makes an ideal way to personalise your space, setting the mood for your bathroom experience. Here you are spoilt for choice with the Jeeves Heated Towel ranges offering a selection of colours to suit your style – from the crisp white matt finish to the dramatic impact of matt black or sophisticated mirror polished, trendy matt brushed, to the on-point choices of antique rose gold and pearl gold finishes. This is your time to shine, showcasing your special style, infusing your space with your unique personality.

5. Make an impression.
Turn heads with a statement piece like the Spartan Boxx heated towel rail. This showstopper establishes a focal point in the bathroom as an ideal personality-filled piece, adding the perfect finish to your bathroom décor. Resembling a modern art exhibit, with its bold square border framing an inner design of horizontal tubes, this design stands out as an abstract piece, adding a dimension of sophistication and pizazz to the room. With the added luxury of toasty towels at your fingertips, your bathroom routine is taken to the next level, making each visit to your personal retreat a memorable time.

Wrapping up.

Your bathroom is more than just a functional space—it’s your very own slice of paradise, a serene sanctuary where you get to enjoy your personal space with personal touches that add warmth and indulgence. With these designer tips, you’re not just crafting a bathroom; you’re curating an experience— your special haven where time out is nothing short of sheer bliss.

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